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Free Printable Chilis Coupons

Chilis is the “go-to” casual dining restaurant that basically defined the phrase itself. Eating at Chilis is a tradition for lots of people, a good spot for lunch on a busy day, and since Chilis restaurants are often located near malls, they’re common gathering spots for friends during shopping trips or on days out. If you need to save some cash and still enjoy the Chilis menu items you love, Chilis coupons are easy to find and easy to use.

Chilis History

The first Chilis opened in Dallas, Texas in the 1970s. Chilis menu was odd then–serving a blend of casual dining and more “adult dining” foods, it wasn’t fast food but it wasn’t fine dining either. What started out as a higher scale hamburger joint turned into a full “grill menu”, including sandwiches, chicken dishes, seafood items, and more. Now, Chilis is part of a huge restaurant chain conglomerate known as Brinker International. They own lots of different restaurant chains, like On the Border and Maggianos Little Italy.

Where to Get Printable Chilis Coupons Online

The best way to save at Chilis is through the huge number of seasonal promotions that Chilis offers throughout the year. It is much easier to order a reduced-price menu item than to find a coupon, print it out, make sure it works, hand it to the server, etc. At least twice a year, your local Chilis restaurant will run a “3 for $20” promotional deal which offers you an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert for $20. You don’t need a coupon to take part in this promotion, just show up at a Chilis when the promotion’s running.

Free Printable Chilis Coupons

The most common Chilis coupons give you cash off your total, saving you money when it comes time to take care of the check. The most common source of Chilis coupons is third-party coupons websites like You can look around at these sites for different Chilis offers, search by coupon or restaurant name, etc. Another great way to get Chilis coupons is to sign up for the Chilis “e-club”. When you do this, you’ll start getting all the promotional deals you could ever want in your email inbox on a weekly basis. Just for signing up for the e-club, you get a free order of queso.

When you sign up for Chilis free e-club (sign up online or in-store), you will get Chilis promotional offers and coupons sent directly to you e-mail. You will also get a printable coupon for a free Queso just for signing up for the e-club.

Chilis is expanding into social media–so if you are a fan of Chilis, just “following” them on Twitter and Facebook will earn you some special promotions and coupon offers.

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