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Printable Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2011

Chuck E Cheese’s is a chain of “family entertainment” locations throughout the country. What started as “Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre” in the 70s in Texas has morphed into the Chuck E Cheese’s we see today, an amalgamation of a pizza joint, a children’s theatre, an arcade, and other “family entertainment” themed features.

Known less for its food (which is fairly ersatz pizza of the kind you might find in an airport in London) than for the “entertainment” aspect in the form of an animatronic show for kids, Chuck E Cheese’s was founded by the inventor of the Atari (Nolan Bushnell) as a hybrid restaurant and miniature theme park. Bushnell’s fondness for all things Disney and his experience in children’s entertainment was a big part of the original design of Chuck E Cheese’s.

There are just under 600 Chuck E Cheese’s restaurants operating in North America, SOuth America, and the Middle East. The concept is the same the world around — draw kids in to play arcade games while the parents pay for overpriced pizza and (in some locations) cheap beer.

Free Chuck E Cheese’s Coupons

Chuck E Cheese Coupons

Kids love Chuck E Cheese’s, and if you have a child of a certain age you’ve probably had the Chuck E Cheese’s experience. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get discounts at Chuck E Cheese’s restaurants, both through traditional coupons and by joining a a discount club the restaurant offers.

RetailMeNot (a great third party coupon website) has more than a few offers for money saving Chuck E Cheese’s coupons. Right now, you can find coupons for free tokens at the Chuck E Cheese’s arcade, menu combinations (such as a large pizza, four sodas, and twenty tokens for $24.99), and even free menu items. These coupons must be printed out and presented when you order. But be aware that some Chuck E Cheese’s locations won’t honor your printed out coupon. These restaurants are franchises and have the right to not honor any coupon they don’t want to honor.

Chuck E Club

The best way to save money at Chuck E Cheese’s restaurants is to join the Chuck E Club, a discount club that offers special deals to members. When you join, you’ll get an instant special “One-Time” coupon offer, more coupons exclusive to members, birthday party special deals, and you’ll receive a monthly promotional with even more coupons. You’ll also have acess to Chuck E Cheese’s “everyday deal”, an online coupon you can print out right from the Chuck E Cheese’s website.

The Chuck E Club also pays tokens to kids for their grades. Your child will get a document to record their grades on and (when they present it with their report card at the local Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant) they can exchange good grades for free tokens.

Chuck E Cheese’s Coupons in the Newspaper

In areas where Chuck E Cheese’s operates a restaurant, there is almost always a coupon in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. These coupons are usually for a special meal combo or a percentage off a birthday party. Check your local paper for additional Chuck E Cheese’s coupons.

Printable coupons you can find online for Chuck E Cheese’s, like from RetailMeNot as described above, are not always the best way to save money on your next visit. Most of these coupons are “hit or miss” in terms of how many restaurant locations actually honor them. If you visit Chuck E Cheese’s restaurants often enough, joining the Chuck E Club gives you access to the best coupons put out by the company itself — these coupons are generally accepted at all Chuck E Cheese’s locations.

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