Cover Girl Coupons

Cover Girl Coupons to Print

Cover Girl is a famous makeup brand, in part because it has been around since 1909 and in part because of the famous spokeswomen who have advertised the brand on television commercials and in magazines. Cover Girl cosmetics are available all over the world–here in America, it is most common to find them in retail settings like big box stores and chain pharmacies.

Cover Girl coupons are so common that you should never pay full price for Cover Girl makeup. You can get everythingfrom Cover Girl lipstick and eyeshadow to blush and foundation–pretty much anything you can put on your face, Cover Girl sells it. Cover Girl makeup and cosmetics is also available online through the company’s website as well as retail websites like When you find online coupons or promo codes (including printable Cover Girl

Cover Girl Coupons

coupons) you can use them online or in stores to save cash on your Cover Girl purchase.

Online Printable Cover Girl Coupons 2011

Most often, Cover Girl coupons are released by Cover Girl (the manufacturer) through their parent company Proctor & Gamble. You can take advantage of the wide range of P&G coupons such as the P&G Everyday Solutions Club. You sign up for this program through the Procter & Gamble website. Everyday Solutions club offers everything from free samples to printable and promotional coupons. Check out for more information.

Retail stores often print their own Cover Girl coupons in advertising circulars and often of sales receipts as well. These coupons are offered exclusively through different retailers and are not good through the Cover Girl website or any location outside of the store for which it is printed.

With coupons printed in newspapers or circulars, you can double or triple up the savings by waiting to use the coupon for when Cover Girl products are on sale. The retailer in question may even offer double or triple coupons on certain days, so you can save even more on your Cover Girl coupons.

Other Cover Girl Coupons & Deals

When you check out the official Cover Girl website or social media page, you can find special promotions, printable coupons, and even exclusive promo codes for Cover Girl products. Just sign up at to get a special monthly promotional email that has product announcements, coupons, and product updates.

If you’re lucky, you will find coupons and promotional deals on third-party coupon sharing websites such as or At these sites, users list coupons and promo codes they find and share information on whether or not a particular coupon or code still works. Many of these codes are exclusively for online use, though you can sometimes find a printable coupon.

A final place to find Cover Girl coupons is in fashion oriented magazines–these are coupons you can tear out of the magazine and use in a retail store usually, though sometimes you may just find general discounts on Procter & Gamble products.

Cover Girl is one of the best known names in makeup, and with so many choices for finding Cover Girl coupons, you shouldn’t pay full price for Cover Girl makeup ever again.

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