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Domino’s Pizza is one of the largest chains of pizza restaurants in the United States, second only to Pizza Hut. There are over 8,000 locations of Dominos Pizza world-wide.

Domino’s Pizza sells about what you’d expect in terms of pizza choices–they also sell dessert menu items, like the Oreo Dessert Pizza, and bread sticks and other pizzeria type food.

Domino’s Pizza was founded in 1960, when two brothers James bought a tiny pizza joint in Michigan called DomiNick’s. Within two years, the company started opening franchises across the northern part of America, and what started as a single pizza joint has turned into a worldwide chain.

Domino’s Pizza made some big changes in 2009 and 2010 after the company found that people pretty much hated their pizza. Their prices were usually the lowest of the pizza chains in town, but the pizza was of such poor quality that it was rated dead last (tied with Chuck E Cheese’s) in terms of taste in a random survey. The pizza recipe was changed, prices were rewritten, new coupons were created, and Domino’s went out of their way to change their image.

Domino’s Coupon Policy – 2010, 2011

Dominos Pizza Coupons 2010 2011

Lucky for Domino’s pizza fans, Domino’s usually has a ton of coupons out at any one time. Nobody buys pizza in America without a coupon–the market is saturated. Domino’s coupon deals are usually found in the mail or in your mailbox, or attached to the pizza box when you get your order. Domino’s also offers coupons as printable coupons on the Internet, or as part of your order when you order online. There’s so many ways to get Domino’s coupons, you should never pay full price for a Domino’s pizza. Most of the time, if you call Domino’s and ask them what deals they have, they’ll rattle off a few menu items that you can get cheaper than normal without even having a coupon.

The most reduced prices you find at Domino’s are for new items that Domino’s is trying to promote, or older menu items that the restaurant chain wants to get rid of. “Family deals”, where a pizza is combined with a couple of sodas and bread sticks, are also great sources for Domino’s deals. Coupons for free breadsticks or free desserts are easily the most popular Domino’s coupon, probably because they’re the easiest to find.

You can use your Domino’s Pizza coupons online as well as in-store or when you order on the phone. Make sure and read the expiration date for your Domino’s coupons, as they tend to have short periods of time where they’re valid.

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