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Printable Eddie Bauer Coupons

Eddie Bauer is a worldwide brand, marking everything from clothes to cars. Known technically as Eddie Bauer Holdings, Inc., the company operates clothing and design company out of a beautiful office in Bellevue, Washington.

There are three venues through which you can get Eddie Bauer clothes–retail stores selling “premium” Eddie Bauer merchandise, outlet stores Selling Eddie Bauer merchandise and inventory overstocks at low prices, and the Direct Order Center which sells Eddie Bauer merchandise through call centers in Saint John, New Brunswick, and Groveport, Ohio. You could also consider the Eddie Bauer website a source of Eddie Bauer clothes, though it is also operated by the same group that runs the call center operation.

First established in 1920 by an actual outdoorsman whose name was actually Eddie Bauer, the company is now seen as clothing for the upper class. You don’t have to be rich and famous to wear their clothes–coupons and deals for Eddie BauerEddie Bauer Coupons

clothes are all over the place if you do a little digging. Here’s how.

Online Eddie Bauer Coupons 2011

Your best bet for finding printable coupons and promo codes for Eddie Bauer clothes is by searching the various coupon and discount code sites online. Sites like Dealio and RetailMeNot.com have dedicated pages that host Eddie Bauer deals regularly. Check these sites often, as deals tend to change about once a month. Right now at Dealio you can get free shipping on a pretty wide range of clothing items, and RetailMeNot is hosting coupons for free shipping and cash off your total on select clothing lines.

Other Eddie Bauer Deals

If you look in your newspaper’s ads and advertising circular, you may find deals on Eddie Bauer clothes at local retail shops, especially if you live near a large shopping mall.

Outside of the local ad pages, your best bet to get Eddie Bauer deals is to look for sales and specials at your local Eddie Bauer store. Clearance sales are common, and you may be within just a few hours’ drive of an Eddie Bauer outlet store. Search for a nearby location online.

Eddie Bauer & Social Media

Like lots of businesses, Eddie Bauer is running two social media sites, one on Twitter and one on Facebook. If you follow these pages, you’ll learn about sales and special offers before anyone else. occasionally, these sites will actually post coupons and other deals just for their fans.

Eddie Bauer Website Deals

Unfortunately for Eddie Bauer fans trying to save some scratch, their website isn’t hosting anything like coupons or promo codes. Instead, Eddie Bauer has a special clearance page on their site with products up to 70% off.

At the same website, you can register to be on the Eddie Bauer newsletter list, which occasionally hosts coupons good for in-store and online purchases, though mostly it just gets you added to yet another series of emails about in-store sales.

Eddie Bauer has had financial trouble in the past, but is now recovering and regaining popularity. High-end clothing is always popular, and as the Great Recession passes, luxury items like expensive clothes will start to move off shelves even faster. That’s a huge benefit for people trying to spend less money on Eddie Bauer clothes, as more shopping at the high end retail stores means more clothes available at the outlet stores and for sale on clearance racks.

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