Fast Food Coupons

Fast Food Coupons to Print

Fast food used to mean 99-cent burgers and cheap milkshakes–now we have any number of “gourmet to go” fast food environments, serving award-winning cheeseburgers with high-grade beef and other fancy ingredients. Sure, you can still order from dollar menus and find other bargains at fast food joints, but according to the National Restaurant Association, the average fast food bill is just above $8, a far cry from the fifteen-cent hamburgers that McDonald’s sold when they first opened. Thankfully, there are fast food coupons online that you can print and take with you to save money at the drive-thru.

“Fast food” is a name applied to a wide range of restaurants, from the standard hamburger and fries to breakfastsandwiches, fried chicken to roast beef sandwiches. It doesn’t matter what type of food you’re buying–if the service is meant to be fast, it is “fast food.” Known in the restaurant industry as QSRs (quick service restaurants), these eateries make money on volume, getting as many people in and out of the doors as possible.

Fast Food Coupons

Online Fast Food Coupons 2011

The first place to look for fast food coupons is at the fast food restaurant’s own website.

Every fast food restaurant worth its grease has an online presence–and even if your favorite fast food joint isn’t a national chain and doesn’t have a national website, they probably have a Facebook or Twitter page to interact with their fans. Coupons are profitable for the restaurant–a coupon for a free order of fries or a soda will convince lots of people to walk into a place they’ve never tried. That’s why you can find coupons on fast food restaurant’s websites. For example, Chik-fil-a (a chicken joint with a cult-like following) often rotates different coupons on their website, or everything from buy-one-get-one free deals to dollars off your meal. The best thing about coupons hosted at fast food websites is that you can print them out and use them as often as you want.

When you follow your favorite fast food spots on social media, you often get the first announcement or release of a new coupon. Fast food restaurants put coupons up on their social media pages all the time–the buzz they get from people linking to the deal is worth it all on its own. Following McDonald’s or Wendy’s on Facebook and Twitter can save you money in the form of online coupons and exclusive deals.

Fast Food Email Newsletter Coupons

Many fast food joints have “email clubs” or email newsletters that you can sign up for free of charge. For the price of your email address (and maybe your home address) you can get coupons in your mailbox or in your email whenever the company releases one, usually about once a month. These newsletters are mostly junk–information on new franchises opening and new menu items–but there’s almost always a coupon in the newsletter. You can print out this coupon and use it as many times as you want during the promotional period, and it didn’t cost you a cent to find it. Having your favorite fast food restaurants send you coupons for free is about as easy as it gets.

Enjoying a fast food burger is more expensive than ever, but using free online fast food coupons takes the edge off a bit. When you find an online coupon or promotion for fast food, take advantage of it as soon as possible, because most of these deals are extremely time-sensitive, limited to just a few weeks. Follow social media sites, check out third-party coupon sites, and check your favorite fast food restaurant’s websites as often as possible to save the most money with fast food coupons.

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