Frosted Flakes Coupons

Kellogg Cereal Printable Sale Codes

Frosted Flakes coupons help the discount shopper save on their grocery bill by taking money off your grocery bill with a printable coupon.

Searching online turns up multiple Frosted Flakes discount sites with their own sales offers. Many of these are going to copy each other, since shoppers take the codes and post them on other sites, but with a little patience, you’ll find hidden sales gems amongst the host of savings.

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Promotions

Go to the official Kellogg Company promotions and coupon sign-up pages for the latest special offers from the company itself. Kellogg’s has a good coupon program, so start at the source for coupon offers. Here’s two pages to visit periodically.

If these don’t provide the bargains you’re looking for, there are alternate places online you might be able to find good deals, including grocery store chains that give bargain bin pricing and have their own local sales.

Frosted Flakes Coupon Sites

Besides the Kellogg’s official sale, coupons, and discount page, you’ll find a series of websites on the Internet where shoppers can post sales items and coupon codes they find. You can rate the effectiveness of these coupon items, depending on whether they worked in your area or not, giving others feedback so they don’t waste their time printing off useless coupons. You can use the same information when shopping online for printable coupons.

Most of these websites de-list a promotion or coupon code as soon as it goes out-of-date, so you don’t print a bunch of dated coupon offers. Right now, you should be able to print 2011 free coupons.

Frosted Flakes Cereal

Frosted Flakes was one of the first in a new generation of sugary breakfast cereals when it appeared in 1952. Known by names like Frosties in the United Kingdom, Corn Frosties in Japan, Corn Frost in South Korean, and Zucaritas in Latin America, Frosted Flakes first were marketed by Kellogg’s.

Because the name is descriptive, “Frosted Flakes” cannot be trademarked, and is therefore the name of a number of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes knock-offs. The most version remains the Kellogg Corporation flakes with Tony the Tiger on the front of the box. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes of Corn has had many slogans over the years, but the enduring one is the classic, yet somewhat uninspired, “They’re Gr-r-eat!”