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Gerber Baby Food Coupons

Founded by Daniel and Dorothy Gerber in 1927 after businessman Daniel saw a market for his wife’s homemade strained baby foods, Gerber is now a multinational company with sales in 180 countries worldwide. Gerber was once owned by Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and as such it expanded and developed nearly 100 different baby-related products. Now owned by the equally massive Nestle company, Gerber controls almost 90% of the baby food market in America.

But Gerber is much more than just baby food. Gerber produces a full line of baby products, from clothing and toys to an infant life insurance plan, the popular Gerber Grow Up plan. Since Gerber controls so much of the infant market, it is no surprise that coupons for Gerber products are easy to find, some released by the manufacturer and others available through private retailers. To save money on any purchase of Gerber goods, use the following methods.Gerber Coupons

Visit the Gerber Website for Free, Printable, Online Gerber Coupons in 2011

The most obvious source for Gerber coupons is from Gerber itself. Visit their website to join the Gerber Generation a program that provides support and help with babies, advice from other mothers, and most importantly coupons and special offers for Gerber Goods. You sign up just by entering your email address and a few other details at the website. Not only will you get coupons for Gerber products, but products produced by Gerber’s partner companies, meaning you can find deals for thousands of good through Gerber Generation.

Another online coupon offer from Gerber is the Nestle Start Healthy Stay Healthy Program. This is another “club” that you join by entering a few personal details at the Gerber website. You’ll get coupons as well as online parenting support and information.

Other Ideas for Gerber Coupons

Third-party coupon hunting websites and blogs are great places to find baby coupons of all varieties. Sites like and RetailMeNot have sections of their sites dedicated to Gerber and other baby coupons–baby coupons are a hot search item, and so are Gerber coupons, so you’re in luck when searching for Gerber deals.

One source of Gerber coupons that some parents don’t think about is the pediatrician’s office. Ask a nurse or a member of the staff at your pediatrician’s office if they have any special coupons or offers from Gerber or other baby suppliers. Gerber often sends pediatricians special offers to stock their offices with Gerber products, and doctors are usually happy to pass on some of the savings to parents.

Gerber products have been on the market for nearly a hundred years–people trust the Gerber name, and their baby-face logo is a good sign of a quality baby product. Just because Gerber is a name brand doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Use one of the ideas above to find coupons for Gerber and start saving on your baby stuff.

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