Great Clips Coupons

Great Clips Coupons

Great Clips was first opened in 1982 in Minneapolis as a “discount” hair salon for the whole family. There are now over 2,800 Great Clips salons around the country, with 30,000 stylists working the chairs. Generally, the Great Clips store near you is open seven days a week, meaning you and your family can get your haircut when it is convenient. Though you don’t need an appointment to get a haircut, Great Clips is rolling out an online check-in system that shortens the wait time for their customers and organizes busy haircut days like Saturdays and Sundays.

A haircut at Great Clips will cost you about $12 per adult head and $9 per child’s head–that includes washing and styling.Some locations will charge a little more or a little less, but you can expect to pay around $12 for every haircut. If you have a large family, that $12 per head charge can really add up–luckily there are plenty of Great Clips coupons to be had if you do a little homework.

Great Clips Coupons

Online Great Clips Coupons

Once upon a time, Great Clips put out tons of $8.99 haircut coupons, spreading them all over the Internet. You could find these coupons (good for about $3 off the standard haircut price) at blogs and coupon sites, print them out, and bring them right in when you go to get your haircut. Unfortunately, Great Clips put a stop to that coupon deal. If you find a $8.99 haircut coupon from Great Clips, odds are that it isn’t legitimate.

Still, skilled coupon hunters can find deals on Great Clips cuts. Search your favorite third-party coupon hunting sites for the occasional Great Clips deal. is currently hosting a couple of “$1 off” coupons that boast a 15% success rate–that may not sound like much, but if you call ahead, you may find that one of these printable coupons can save you a buck or two on your next cut.

Printable Great Clips Coupons 2011

It isn’t as easy to find printable Great Clips coupons as it once was. National haircut chains like Supercuts, Best Cuts, and Great Clips just aren’t putting out as many printable coupons as they once did. Now, to find Great Clips coupons, you have to do a lot more digging through advertising circulars, fundraisers, and your local paper.

The Great Clips coupon deals you find in these sources are guaranteed to work at your local Great Clips franchise–they are put out by the company and distributed in specific areas to drum up business. The Sunday paper is the best source of coupons you can tear right out of the paper. If you can’t find a coupon this way, check the advertising supplement thrown in with your paper.

Great Clips used to be one of the better deals in franchise hair salons due to their heavy use of coupons. Now that those coupons are few and far between, Great Clips still has a good product at a good price, especially for children’s haircuts, at less than $10. Before your next family trip to the Great Clips hair salon near you, check your local paper and your choice of third-party coupon site just in case you can save a little cash on your hair style.

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