Linens and Things Coupons

Linens and Things Coupons

Also known as “Linens n Things”, Linens and Things is an online retailer of home products–textiles, accessories, sheet sets, etc. Up until 2008, Linens and Things also operated hundreds of retail stores in the United States and Canada, at one time employing nearly 8,000 people from their headquarters in New Jersey. Linens and Things was even singled out by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s largest privately-owned companies, but times changed, and dozens of Linens and Things stores closed in just a few months, signalling the death of the company.

Now that Linens and Things has moved online and out of the retail market, the company’s financial woes are starting to fall by the wayside. The move to the Internet is also a good thing for people who want to buy Linens and Things quality home textiles and other goods and save money in the process. The Internet is full of coupon sites and discount gathering forumsLinens and Things Coupons

where people all over the world offer promo codes and coupons for their favorite websites, and Linens and Things is no different.

Online Linens and Things Coupons 2011

The first place you should look for online coupons and promo codes for Linens and Things is the Linens and Things official website. Linens and Things is always offering some kind of coupon or promo code to their customers, usually splashed across the top of the home page. For instance, as of this writing they have a promo code (PR20) posted right under the browser’s address bar. This code is good for 20% off your order, but is extremely time-sensitive. All coupons and promo codes you find on the LnT website itself will be good for just a few days.

While you’re at the site, sign up for the Linens and Things newsletter. Just for handing over your email address, you’ll get a monthly update on new sales and promotions and there are often a few coupons thrown in for good measure.

Customers who are willing to provide reviews of their favorite Linens and Things goods they buy online are automatically registered to win a coupon good for $15 off their next order, and Linens and Things is very liberal with these “customer review” coupons. Give Linens and Things your two cents and they’re likely to give you $15.

After you’ve exhausted the coupons offered at the LnT website, follow Linens and Things on Facebook and Twitter for even more promo codes. Linens and Things often puts promo codes on their Facebook page to help their social media followers save a little scratch.

Third-Party Coupon Sites has a page set aside for Linens and Things coupons. These deals rotate in and out frequently, but right now at CouponCabin you can pretty much take your pick of 20% off coupons and other good percent-off deals on specific merchandise.

Check around at the other third-party coupon sites–RetailMeNot and sometimes host Linens and Things deals, though most of the coupons you find at other third-party coupon gathering sites will be similar, if not identical to these.

Linens and Things just couldn’t compete with larger big-box retailers–chalk up the death of their retail stores to the Wal-Mart effect. The move online has had at least one nice side effect. There are more coupons and promotional deals for Linens and Things products than ever before.