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Melting Pot Coupons 2011

The first Melting Pot restaurant opened in Florida in 1975. There are now 150 Melting Pot restaurants in 37 states in America, with more franchises scheduled to open this year. Fondue as a food trend has come and gone and come back again, and restaurants imitating the fondue set-up first perfected by the Melting Pot have sprung up, even in areas where Melting Pot restaurants have had some success.

Americans love eating out, and eating fondue adds a fun element to an already delicious meal. With a varied menu featuring Swiss and cheddar cheese fondue as well as entrees and dessert options, the Melting Pot is a fun place to take a date or the whole family for a night out. Here’s how to save money on your next visit to the Melting Pot.

Printable Melting Pot Coupons

Popular third-party coupon and deal site Deals Plus has a page dedicated

Melting Pot Coupons

to Melting Pot coupons and deals. This page is updated regularly with new offers and promotions to help you enjoy your fondue dinner at the Melting Pot for less cash. Not all the deals are “printable coupons”, in fact most of them currently hosted on the page are ways to save money on future purchases, such as by buying gift certificates and joining Club Fondue. But occasionally, printable coupons are added. Make sure the coupon you’re planning to use is valid at the Melting Pot franchise you’re visiting before you get there–not every franchise honors these deals and promotional coupons.

Other third-party coupon sites, like RetailMeNot, also host Melting Pot coupons, though any coupon hunting site you find Melting Pot deals at will probably host the same coupons.

Club Fondue

If you join Melting Pot’s “Club Fondue”, either online or by signing up at the restaurant, you’ll get coupons in your email inbox, invitations to special events at the Melting Pot, a free fondue dinner for two just for signing up, and future deals through the Club Fondue newsletter. Joining is free, and with all the free stuff you get for being a member, joining the club makes sense if you eat at Melting Pot more than once a year.

Other Melting Pot Coupon Ideas

You don’t have to print coupons or join clubs to save money at Melting Pot. You can often find coupons in your local paper, especially if there’s a Melting Pot franchise in your area. Check advertising supplements and circulars delivered with your paper for occasional Melting Pot coupons.

The Melting Pot is the most popular fondue restaurant chain in America, and their policy towards coupons and deals is pretty loose. Any coupon you find, online or in advertisements, is probably good at your local Melting Pot. The next time you take a date out to Melting Pot, save cash by using any of the above money-saving coupon and promotional ideas.

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