Nebraska Furniture Mart Coupons

Nebraska Furniture Mart Coupons

Nebraska Furniture Mart has a colorful history. There are only three physical locations branded as Nebraska Furniture Mart, all three in the midwest. Two of the stores are identical in size and they are the largest furniture showrooms and stores in America, one of which has 250,000 miles of carpet in stock at all times. With overhead warehousing to expand their holdings, the Nebraska Furniture Mart stores carry hundreds of thousands of pieces of home furnishing and flooring.

Begun in the basement of the owner’s husband’s pawn shop, Nebraska Furniture Mart became a Great American Success Story in 1983, when the owner (Russian immigrant Rose Blumkin) sold the company to Warren Buffet for $600 million with a simple and iconic handshake.

Nebraska Furniture Mart also operates a huge online store, selling everything from dining room chairs and napkin holdersNebraska Furniture Mart Coupons

to electronics and kitchen supplies. If you’re ready to stock up your house with all new appliances, textiles, and furnishings and want to save cash, here’s some advice on how to save money at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Printable & Online Nebraska Furniture Mart Coupons

It isn’t as easy to find online coupons for goods at Nebraska Furniture Mart as it might be to find coupons for larger furniture chains. Sure, NFM operates some of the biggest showrooms and furniture stores in the country, but they are located in the heartland, meaning most people don’t have easy access to them.

Since Nebraska Furniture Mart’s website has taken off, more deals have become available to more people. ¬†On the front page of the site, there’s a little box where you can enter your email to join the Nebraska Furniture Mart mailing list. As a member, you’ll be first to hear about new sales and online promotions, and you sometimes get coupon codes as part of the mailing list.

Other Nebraska Furniture Mart Savings

Unfortunately for fans of Nebraska Furniture Mart, third-party coupon hosts like Retail Me Not and don’t have much to offer. Normally, there’s at least a few “valid” coupons for national retailers, but take a look at Retail Me Not’s Nebraska Furniture Mart page. As of this writing, at least, there isn’t a single valid coupon posted.

The same is true at–nothing at all posted for Nebraska Furniture Mart. This is probably because of the scope of the company’s business. Yes, anyone in the world can access the website, but the company’s physical locations are limited. Still, if you spend some time at the Nebraska Furniture Mart website and don’t mind joining the mailing list, you can save lots of cash by shopping at NFM online.

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