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Red Lobster is an American-based chain of seafood restaurants. Red Lobster also operates restaurants in Canada and Japan. Red Lobster is a “casual dining” restaurant, featuring a seafood heavy menu, specialty seafood items, a few non-seafood entrees, appetizers, salads, and desserts.

Red Lobster operates 705 restaurants around the world, though the bulk of them are in North America. Founded in Florida in the 1970s, Red Lobster was quickly bought out by the General Mills corporation which turned a five-restaurant chain into the huge brand Red Lobster is today, having increased the number of chains by more than a hundredfold. The same restaurant group that operates Red Lobster also runs Olive Garden, a mega-popular Italian style casual dining restaurant chain.

People love Red Lobster for their menu specials and promotional deals — names like Shrimp Fest and Never-Ending Lobster tempt seafood lovers with temporarily lower prices on usually expensive seafood items. Luckily for lovers of Red Lobster, there’s almost always some sort of promotion going on, and when you combine these promotional offers with Red Lobster coupons from direct mail, newspaper ads, and third party coupon retailers (not to mention Red Lobster’s own coupon club), you can save a ton of money every year eating the seafood items you love.

Red Lobster Coupons

Printable Red Lobster Coupons Online 2010 and 2011

The easiest way to save cash at Red Lobster is by joining the Fresh Catch Club. You can join in the restaurant or online. When you join, you’ll get a special deal on your birthday every year (usually a 50% off coupon, though some users report getting even better offers than that) and a monthly email detailing the upcoming promotions at Red Lobster. Every email will come equipped with an exclusive coupon, like a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal or percentage off a meal.

Joining is free and easy, and though you only get a few coupons a year, there’s no reason not to join if you go to Red Lobster more than once a year. Joining just for the birthday coupon makes sense, considering membership in the Fresh Catch Club is free.

There are also third party coupon websites offering printable coupons for Red Lobster, though there are notoriously few Red Lobster coupons offered every year. You’re not going to find a huge variety of coupons for Red Lobster online, but right now at, you can find a printable coupon for as much as 54% off your next meal at Red Lobster. Search around the standard coupon websites for more deals — they are few and far between but they do exist.

Red Lobster doesn’t offer very many coupons because of the nature of their business. They prefer to offer seasonal promotions (at a standard price) than offer coupons for select menu items to their customers. The idea is that prices at Red Lobster are routinely affordable, so there’s just no need for coupons. This doesn’t mean they never offer coupons, only that they’re harder to come by.

Your local newspaper may offer Red Lobster coupons, and you may be surprised to find one coupon a week in some parts of the country. These deals range from free entrees to smaller percent-off deals on certain items. These newspaper promotions are usually the idea of a local franchisee rather than the company as a whole, and usually appear in areas where Red Lobster needs to drum up business.

Saving Money on Red Lobster Online

There are other ways to save cash at Red Lobster besides digging for the ultra-rare coupons. Many people sell their gift cards on eBay or at gift card exchange sites. Do a little searching around and you can find a Red Lobster gift card for sale for less than its value. eBay offers right now for Red Lobster cards range from $20 for a $50 gift card to a person willing to exchange gift cards rather than cash. If you want to save cash on your next delicious seafood meal, you only have to dig around for gift cards or other deals up for bartering.

Red Lobster is a “go to” restaurant for many families, especially those that contain a seafood lover or two. Red Lobster usually offers a great promotional deal on a specific piece of seafood, but if you join their coupon club you can find special deals all year round.

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