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Round Table Pizza Coupons Printable 2011

Round Table Pizza is a big chain of pizza restaurants in the Western US, with more than 500 stores spread across Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Founded in 1959, the “King Arthur” theme of Round Table Pizza didn’t take hold until the early 60s. Now, the “three shield” logo and “King Arthur” design are a big part of the aesthetic of Round Table Pizza–the restaurants are easy to pick out of a crowd, with their unique look. Round Table Pizza is an international success as well, with two restaurants open in Dubai.

Round Table Pizza sells fairly standard pizza, with names like Guinivere’s Garden Delight” and “Montague’s All Meat Marvel” standing in for traditional pizza names. Depending on the location, both delivery and eat-in options are available.Round Table Pizza Coupons

To save a little dough at Round Table Pizza, check online for coupons and coupon codes you can use when ordering your favorite Round Table pizza item. Here are some places to start your search.

Online Round Table Pizza Coupons

Round Table Pizza hosts coupons on their own website though the coupons you have access to depends mostly on the Round Table location you plan on ordering from. Different franchise locations offer and accept different coupons, everything from a “buy a pizza get one pizza free” deal to offers of free extra toppings, sodas, and other menu items. Check the site every time before you order from Round Table, since these coupons get updated pretty regularly.

Round Table Pizza coupons are available at third-party coupon sites like RetailMeNot though there are sometimes very few deals to be found. Your basic “dollar-off” and “buy-one-get-one” deals are the most common, though even these are extremely limited in terms of their expiration dates and restaurant locations that accept them. Still, if you want to save some cash at Round Table Pizza, checking a third-party coupon site takes just a few seconds and you might be able to save a buck.

Round Table Pizza Email Newsletter

If you want to get regular coupon offers and updates from Round Table pizza (including seasonal changes to the menu and new locations opening) you can sign up for something called My Round Table. Signing up is easy online and all they company asks for is your name, email, and a phone number. When you join, you’ll get regular updates on Round Table news but (most importantly) you’ll also get a free coupon every time they send a newsletter, about once a month. These coupons are good for everything from percent off your bill to free menu items.

Round Table Pizzza in California – San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, and Palo Alto

There’s hundreds of Round Table Pizza joints spread out across the Western states–in a world dominated by Pizza Hut and Dominos, running a small pizza chain may seem impossible. The simple familiar menu at Round Table Pizza is a big favorite among people who grew up near a Round Table franchise, and with more stores opening up in new states, knowing how to find Round Table Pizza coupons could save you big bucks on pizza in the future.

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