Shoe Carnival Coupons

Shoe Carnival Coupons

Since 1978, Shoe Carnival has been the “little shoe store that could.” It took Shoe Carnival more than thirty years to open 400 stores in the southern and midwestern states, but there’s no doubt that Shoe Carnival is a fixture in areas where they operate a store. Unlike the pricier shoe stores at shopping malls or department stores, Shoe Carnival does its best to keep prices low with a constant stream of sales and specials.

The thing that sets Shoe Carnival apart from other shoe stores is the use of what the company calls a “mic person”–an employee who announces sales and specials and interacts with the customers in the store. It’s a strange concept for a shoe store, but one that allows Shoe Carnival to constantly change sale prices and offer special discounts to select customers.

But in-store savings isn’t the only way to spend less on shoes at Shoe Carnival. Here are some ideas on how to find ShoeShoe Carnival Coupons

Carnival coupons.

Online Shoe Carnival Coupons

Stores like Shoe Carnival that pride themselves on offering good products at a lower price, tend to depend on coupons less for their business. The idea is that the prices are already low enough–why offer a coupon on an item that is already at “rock-bottom price?”

Still, Shoe Carnival has been known to offer online coupons on their website. Whether or not the website is offering a coupon when you visit is pretty much hit or miss. As of this writing, there is not a coupon being offered on the Shoe Carnival website, but you can learn about promotions going on at your local Carnival store.

Other Shoe Carnival Savings Ideas

Shoe Carnival coupons sometimes pop up in the local newspaper’s advertising section or as part of a direct mail ad campaign in your mailbox. These coupons are usually of the “percent-off” or “buy one get one half off” variety, and are meant to encourage people to walk in and try on some shoes.

The next time you’re at a Shoe Carnival store, check out the Super Value Items on display. These are usually placed in a special section of the store and marked with stickers to indicate that they are Super Value. These are the lowest possible prices that Shoe Carnival can offer, and usually represent just a few cents profit for the store. This is the best value that Shoe Carnival offers, and these prices normally beat the heck out of any coupon deal you could find anyway.

Shoe Carnival has a unique way of doing business. The next time you visit a Shoe Carnival location to do some shoe shopping, pay attention to the guy on the microphone. He’s there to save you some cash and put a new pair of shoes on your feet.