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Smokey Bones Barbeque and Grill is a casual dining restaurant that focuses on Eastern US-style barbecue. There are 68 Smokey Bones restaurants in seventeen different states, all in the Eastern portion of the country. Smokey Bones is owned by a conglomerate that also operates Captain D’s Seafood restaurants (hundreds of locations in North America) as well as Boston Market and Fazoli’s restaurants. The menu at Smokey Bones now emphasizes healthier barbecue choices like smoked or grilled meats as opposed to meats slathered in barbecue sauce, although those classic barbecue favorites are still available.

The hickory smoked meats at Smokey Bones are supposedly cooked for a minimum of 11 hours, and this “slow cooking” style ups the price a bit from traditional casual dining. A family of four can expect to pay $40 or $50 at a minimum when eating at Smokey Bones. Using online printable coupons and other promotional deals, your next outing to Smokey BonesSmokey Bones Coupons

can be a little less expensive. Here’s how to save money on your favorite grilled, smoked, and barbecued food.

Online Printable Smokey Bones Coupons 2011

The only way to get coupons from Smokey Bones restaurants is to eat lunch or dinner there, fill out a customer survey, then collect your coupon online by entering the special code on your survey. Sometimes, Smokey Bones hands out coupons to diners with their bill as a way to draw them back. Sometimes just asking the hostess for a coupon pays off–but usually you’ll have to fill out the customer survey and hope for a good coupon when you input the code online.

If you search the various third-party coupon hunting sites, you can often find coupons and promo codes with about a 50% success rate. Check out RetailMeNot’s Smokey Bones dedicated site for an example. The most successful coupon on that page is currently only about 55%–that’s because every Smokey Bones franchise has the right to accept or refuse any coupons they want. If you plan on using a coupon from one of these sites, call the Smokey Bones location you’re going to visit ahead of time to check the coupon. Deals you can find at these sites include things like $10 off your bill, free wings with the purchase of any bar beverage, and other traditional-style coupons.

The last two Entertainment Books have contained a Smokey Bones coupon or two, and though the 2011 issue of the Entertainment Book is not available as of this writing, there’s a good chance that Smokey Bones will be represented again. Picking up an Entertainment Book can save you cash on the finger-lickin good ribs you were probably going to buy anyway.

In 2007, Smokey Bones came under new ownership that updated the look of the restaurants, the restaurant’s image, menu, and even the coupon policy. It isn’t as easy to find official restaurant coupons as it once was–Smokey Bones has even cut way back on their participation with school fundraisers and other local groups. Still, asking a manager, employee, or filling out a customer survey for a coupon isn’t too much to ask and almost always works.

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