Special K Coupons

Printable Coupon Discounts

Printable Special K Coupons are available on a number of coupon websites on the Internet, but if you’ve been reading this week, you already know that. I wanted to discuss some alternative places to find print-off savings for Kellogg and Special K foods. Here in 2011, parent companies and specialty websites are each getting into the game. Let me explain.

Special K Coupons on Kellogg Site

The first place to find Special K coupons is to go to the Kellogg website, where you can sign up to learn about special offers and discounts on Special K cereal from Kellogg’s. Signing up carries with it no obligation, though you’ll have special offers sent to your email address every once in a while (you can hit the spam filter if it’s a nuisance).

You can also access Special K recipes if you are considering the Special K Challenge, a diet designed to help you lose six pounds in 2 weeks (not necessarily a healthy weight loss rate). You can also read about the health benefits of fiber, along with other nutrition and fitness tips.

High Value Special K Coupons

Click on the following site to find four different valuable Special K coupons for free. All you have to do is copy these printable coupons, which include $1 off a package of chocolate caramel protein bars from Special K, $1-off any two packages of Special K product (mix and match if you wish), $2-off when you purchase any 3 packages, or $3 off when you purchase any 5 packages of Special K brand items (over 3.3 ounces).

These might not sound like huge savings, but if you make Special K a common part of your diet for a year, the discounts you can print off become substantial.

What Does “Special K” Mean?

Special K simply refers to the name “Kellogg”, which markets the breakfast cereal. I suppose the cereal is considered special by the Kellogg Company because the wheat and rice combo food is eaten for diet, health, and fitness purposes.

The product has been around since 1956 and is considered a healthy option, if you eat it with fruit and skim milk, instead of sugar and whole milk. Since whole generations of people have found enjoyment and nourishment eating Special K, it’s an option for adding to your daily diet.

Cereal Coupons

Getting free coupons for cereal items is a good way to save money while you watch your weight. I often talk about Retail Me Not, Coupon Junction, and Coupon Mountain, and printing off coupon codes and sale discounts is so easy these days, everyone should make online print-off coupons a part of their year-round shopping experience.