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Wingstop Coupons 2011

Wingstop is a chain of chicken wing restaurants that started in Richardson, Texas in 1994. With over 600 locations across the country, Wingstop reports they’ve served over a billion chicken wings since the restaurant opened. People are drawn to Wingstop because the wings are relatively inexpensive, especially when you take part in Wingstop’s various promotions, and the wings are advertised to not be prepared until they are ordered. Wingstop has a somewhat cheesy retro-aviation theme, but let’s be honest. No one cares what’s hanging on the wall–they want chicken wings, and they want them fast and cheap.

Wingstop sells “made to order” chicken wings and “fresh-cut” fries. Wings are available year-round in nine flavors, likeHawaiian, lemon pepper, mild, cajun, garlic parmesan, atomic, teriyaki and hickory smoked BBQ. Seasonal flavors appear and disappear from time to time as well. Wings at Wingstop are available for purchase in units of 10, 20, 35, 50, 75 and 100 pieces. At $4.99 for ten pieces and $45

Wing Stop Coupons

for 100 pieces, the wings aren’t exactly pricey, but who doesn’t want to save cash when they eat out?

Wingstop coupons are available in traditional coupon form in newspaper and ad circulars, but using the Internet to find coupons for your next Wingstop purchase is fast and easy. The next time you have a craving for Buffalo wings or any of the menu items found at Wingstop restaurants, check out some of the below coupon ideas to save some cash while you pig out.

Printable Online Wingstop Coupons for San Antonio, Tucson, Houston, Springfield, and More

Wingstop often has promotional deals, such as special days of the week when wings are cheaper. These are usually “off days” like Tuesday or Wednesday, days when people are not likely to hit the local Wingstop for wings and beer. If you want to save cash on your chicken wing dinner on any day of the week, you can use online printable coupons and promo codes.

Wingstop is not the kind of restaurant that offers lots of printable coupons through third-party sites like RetailMeNot–they try to control their promotional offers and release their own coupons and deals. Occasionally you can find customer-posted coupons at sites like, but these are hard to verify and may not work at your local Wingstop.

Other Wingstop Deals

The easiest way to save money at Wingstop is by joining their email club. Signing up for this club is totally free and only takes a second. Once you sign up, you’ll get a coupon for five free wings on your birthday as well as routine emails with coupons and other promotions. You get this email about once a month, so this is a great way to save month after month.

Since Wingstop coupons are hard to come by outside of the company’s own website, you can also sometimes save some cash by contacting your local Wingstop and asking for coupons or deals they have available. Store managers are given permision to make special offers, especially if you call and talk to the manager yourself. For your next wing meal, you can save a little cash just by looking around online or signing up for the email membership.

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