15 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Approaching women and taking the first steps to get to know them can be quite difficult, and it can be especially troublesome for guys who are shy. However, what you may not know is that there are many women who actually appreciate and are attracted to men who are quiet! If you are a shy guy who is having a hard time meeting women, the following tips can help.

Photo by Pixabay

1. Polish Your Body Language

Even if you do not feel confident, you want to try your best to appear as if you are. But just how do you do this? If you find yourself looking down while you walk past others, force yourself to lift your head. Additionally, try to look into the eyes of two or three women as you pass them and offer a warm smile.

You do not need to say anything to them if you do not wish to. But if you feel comfortable, you can offer them a short greeting. Another thing you will want to pay attention to is how you walk and stand. If you find yourself slouching and walking with a shuffling gate, make an effort to stand tall and walk with confidence.

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