How to Attract Men

How to Attract Men

Attracting men isn’t rocket science. Men are led around by their genitals, too oversexed to pay attention to much else.

The old stereotype about men that says they are mostly ogres who like tits and ass isn’t far off the mark. Men have obsessions with physical beauty, sports, and beer. So what are men attracted to? How can women attract men?

1. Be Good in Bed

Let’s face it–men and women both want to have good sex. Women want capable and attentive lovers just as much as (or maybe more than) men.

Before you go assuming that being “good in bed” means basically being a man’s sexual slave, remember that men have a soft and sensual side as well. Not all men want to get in bed with porn stars.

How to Attract Men

Just like women, men want a sexual partner who is willing to share physical affection but isn’t physically intimidating to him. Case in point–we all know women who are just too gorgeous to pick up men. Some women are too intensely beautiful or their beauty is such that they are basically unapproachable to men.

This is because men assume that bombshell types are difficult to please in bed and are therefore not a good physical match. After all, men want to please and not just be pleased.

So how can you use this to your advantage? Consider your usual look–maybe it is time to dress more casually. Men are just as attracted to a T-shirt and jeans as they are to a strapless gown. In fact, some men will be more attracted to a casual type than a Barbie in a dress.

Another way to use a man’s sexual mind to attract him–give him a little bit of physical attention. We’re talking about subtle touching and body language to suggest physical intimacy: touch his arm with your hand, let your legs brush his, or put your hand in his hair. The point of this playful “sexual” touching is to put yourself in his mind–planting a seed, if you will.

Don’t be intimidated by the stereotype that says that men want nothing more than a romp in the hay–use it against him instead.

2. Look Healthy

You don’t have to look any one way to attract men. Truly, there is no single physical ideal of beauty, no perfect standard or waist size that attracts men. Men like bodies of all sizes and types.

You may have heard the old “70% ratio” of waist size to hips rule, nearly impossible to fulfill and pretty much made up by some old sociologist. Then there’s the false of idea of “perfect facial symmetry”, which is ridiculous considering that perfect symmetry just doesn’t exist in humans. No, more important than looking perfect is looking healthy. There’s no need to force yourself to look like a beauty queen–men find health, good hygiene, and vibrance more attractive than waist to hip ratio.

Women stand out to men for all kinds of reasons, maybe a man likes a particular hair color, or a certain type of smile or look. Just like women, men are either attracted to a woman or they’re not. THe best way to make sure a man is attracted to you is to stay healthy by eating right, exercising, and doing those little things that keep our body looking healthy and happy.

Whether or not a man is physically attracted to you is not under your own control. Let’s not forget that keeping our bodies healthy and happy are good for reasons besides attracting men. Eating right and getting cardio exercise keeps us healthy and happy and lengthens our lives. Generally, a healthy body is a happy one, leading to good mental health as well as good physical health.

3. Be Trustworthy

I know, “trust” isn’t usually at the top of the list of things men are attracted to. Men aren’t as simple as women think they are, and men need a woman they can trust as much as a woman needs a man the same way.

When we say “trust”, we don’t just mean that a man needs to know you won’t lie to him. Trust here means that a man can depend on you for some of his personal emotional needs. We all need a sense of trust before we can open up and share with people on a serious personal level.

If you’re friends with a man and over time he’s come to realize that you listen to him and really help him with the ups and downs of life, he is far more likely to develop an attraction to you. Men (and women) need a sense of trust between them before they can develop together emotionally.

When men feel a lack of trust, they don’t necessarily break off a relationship, and it is this kind of pairing that can be really toxic to love and to a person’s life. A man is perfectly capable of having a sexual relationship with a woman he can’t trust as long as she’s providing his sexual release–but since he can’t trust her, he won’t be able to feel anything deep for you.

Yep, you guessed it. This is how some women become little more than “booty calls”–women useful for sex but not for much else. If a guy can’t trust you or connect with you on that deep level necessary to develop love, he will only think of you as a sexual object.

4. Have a Sense of Humor

The dreaded “sense of humor”–that elusive thing that we can’t quite put our fingers on. Do men really look for it in women?

Absolutely. Men are as driven by humor as women are. Both partners in a good relationship know how to laugh and know how to have fun. Having a good sense of humor spills over into other areas of your life as well. Women who laugh and smile are generally seen as more attractive than women who are deadly serious.

Humor is a good icebreaker, so developing a good sense of humor can make it easier to meet men. Humor can also be used to defuse difficult dating or interpersonal situations. If you’re on a date that isn’t going so well and you can make the man across the table from you laugh, the two of you can spin a bad date into a good experience.

When you develop a long-term relationship with a man, your sense of humor becomes more important than ever. A good joke or a laugh shared between the two of you can turn a minor squabble into a big nothing, and can keep a bad mood from turning into a huge fight. Why is humor so important?

Things that are funny make us feel relaxed and demonstrate that relaxation to the people around us. Humor is basically a way of showing a man that you are interested without using any physical cues. Men want a woman with a sense of humor for the same reason that women want it in men–funny things keep our moods light and can even spark romantic passsion. Laughter is a great aphrodisiac (on top of being “the best medicine”) and men find your sense of humor, your cute laugh, and your ability to be goofy extremely sexy.

Of course, no two men are alike. You may have to blend your own mix of attractive qualities (a little more beauty, a little less trust, etc) depending on the man you’re trying to attract.

In general, some combination of the above traits will make you more attractive to men. When you think about it, the above four qualities (health, trust, sense of humor, and good sex) are all things that most women want, too.

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