15 Tips for Dating a Woman Who Is Better Looking Than You

Dating is hard, and dating someone much higher than you on the proverbial scale can be downright terrifying. Good news gentlemen – this terror is essentially self-imposed and unnecessary! If you don’t believe me, check out this list of 15 tips for dating a woman who is better looking than you and see for yourself.


Photo by Pixabay

1. Know what you have to offer

What are your strengths? Are you good at sports? Do you have a great career that you love? Are you a talented writer or musician? The first step in dating someone that you perceive is better looking than you is to be confident in yourself. Realize that you are a unique individual that has much to offer another person in a relationship. Look into yourself and see those qualities. Believe in them and nurture them every day. See yourself for who you really are every time you look in the mirror. Recognize that you also have flaws and be proactive in working on them to better yourself. The more you appreciate your own self-worth, the more it becomes apparent that there literally is no one that is ‘out of your league.’

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