15 Tips for Dating a Woman Who Is Better Looking Than You


Photo by Pixabay

2. Do not be overly critical of your own looks

People often see more of their flaws than anyone else ever could. The excess pounds, stretch marks, errant pimples and big feet that we see every time we look in the mirror are not what everyone else sees. Anyone who is worth your time will not be worried about receding hairlines or love handles. Granted, you cannot see a person’s personality from across the room most of the time, but it is the personalities of the couple and the way they mesh together that will withstand the test of time – not the six pack abs or perfect hair. A woman does not wake up with perfectly coiffed hair and beautiful makeup to accentuate that gorgeous smile that attracted you, but the heart behind the smile is still there. That heart is what will see the real you, not what is on the outside.

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