Why Do Flowers Shops Deliver?

Why Do Flowers Shops Deliver?

Flower shops deliver because the easiest way for flower shops to get their product into their customers’ hands is to deliver the flowers themselves. Flower shops do decent foot traffic selling bouquets and single-stem flowers for people on the go, but their biggest business comes from flower delivery.

Why Do People Have Flowers Delivered?

There are any number of occasions for flower delivery — any event you want to punctuate or celebrate in a special way is the right opportunity for a delivery of flowers. Any time a friend or loved one is in the hospital, flowers are a nice choice. They say “I love you, I’m thinking about you, and I want you to get better” and at the same time come with a beautiful gift that a sick person can look at and feel better. Births, illness, surgery, and even deaths are the right time to have flowers delivered.

Why Do Flower Shops Deliver?Not all flower deliveries are so morbid. Happy times call for flowers too. Having flowers delivered immediately before a date is a classy way to make a good impression. Flowers aren’t just for women — men like flowers, too, so ladies you aren’t off the hook here. Flower delivery is also a good way to say “Congratulations!’ on the birth of a baby, a graduation, a new job, or any happy occasion.

Flower delivery works for just about any occasion, as long as you explain to the florist what the situation is — flowers for a funeral are specific and usually very different from flowers you’d send to a new bride.

How Does Flower Shop Delivery Work?

Local flower delivery works about like you think — place an order with a local florist and they’ll get the product you want delivered at the time you want via a delivery truck or van. When you want to send flowers elsewhere in the country (or even elsewhere in the world) things get a bit more complex.

Florists belong to nationwide or even worldwide networks of florists that work together to get flower deliveries out to customers. If I walk into a florist where I live in New Jersey and ask for a flower delivery to my parent’s home in Texas, for instance, my local florist will send the order to my parent’s local florist that’s on the same network as my local florist. The local florist will handle the delivery — my florist deals with me and my money and it all works out nice and neat in the end.

If florists refused to deliver flowers and required their customers to walk in and buy the flowers they want to send and deliver them on their own, it isn’t likely that people would choose that florist for future business.

Flower shops deliver flowers because it is the most convenient way for their customers to send flowers. In some ways it would be easier for florists to deal only with “in-store” business, but that isn’t what customers want. We want to send flowers anonymously, or send them via delivery because it just seems “more special” that way. In short, flower shops deliver because flower delivery is what the customer wants.