Bistro MD Information

Looking for Bistro MD information? This diet plan gained popularity when it was revealed that the cast of television’s popular diet reality show “The Biggest Loser” eat according to the Bistro MD plan.

The idea behind Bistro MD is to provide foods that will help people lose weight without forcing them to eat plain, boring meals. The Bistro MD diet was developed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist and an entire team of nutritionists working in conjunction with restaurant chefs to assist people in losing weight without sacrificing the foods they love. Chicken marsala, blackened tilapia, pot roast, chicken fajitas — sound good? They’re all available on the Bistro MD plan. Dr. Cederquist has said she understands some people’s reluctance to try packaged meals, and so she worked with chefs to craft weight loss foods that would keep customers interested.

People have the strange notion that dieting means sacrifice, pain, and bad food. In truth, there is no relationship between the kinds of food you eat and your general health — most people simply eat the wrong amounts or the wrong foods in the wrong combinations. Bistro MD foods are available for quick preparation in your home at any time, and are geared to tempt your taste buds as much as your desire to lose weight. Why do we think that all delicious foods must be made with ingredients that are greasy, fatty, or unhealthy? Fast food restaurants prepare meals that taste immediately good to our mouths but make our bodies feel run down and look even worse. Just because a diet plan helps you lose weight doesn’t mean you’ll be eating salad for the rest of your life.

The most basic piece of Bistro MD information that you need to know is that this diet program uses the science of portion control in conjunction with good nutritional balance. The Bistro MD diet plan designs its meals to contain a calorie count of about 1,200 calories per day. This is at the extreme low end of the scale that nutritionists consider safe — and remember that Bistro MD uses the word “average”. Some daily menus will have slightly more calories, and some may have slightly less. Bistro MD works because of this extreme caloric restriction. Medical doctors tell us that sticking to a strict diet of around 1,200 calories a day is the fastest way to shed extra weight. The problem with these caloric restriction diets is that your body becomes somewhat “immune” and your weight loss will eventually grind to a halt. Because Bistro MD varies the calorie count day by day, your metabolism does not have the opportunity to get used to the caloric intake and shut down. The result? Consistent, effective weight loss.

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If you’re concerned about the expensve of Bistro MD meals, you’re in luck. Because this diet plan is available online, you have the option of using online promotional codes to save some cash. Packaged diet plans can be expensive, requiring something of a financial investment. To ease the pain of the hit your wallet will take, try one of these Bistro MD discount codes. Simply enter the coupon code in the blanks pace on the ordering page that says “Discount Code”.

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How Do I Know the Bistro MD Plan Will Work?

There are so many testimonials from people who tried the Bistro MD plan and lost weight, you’d have to be a real pessimist to think that Bistro MD is some kind of ripoff. Sure, the company’s website is stacked with client testimonials, but look deeper than that (at dieting forums and review websites) and you’ll find a healthy balance of positive reviews with the occasional negative statement, usually based on the oddness of the meals or the fact that frozen meals are just not all that appetizing.

Those people who lose weight with Bistro MD say that the packaged and pre-planned meal plan is convenient and an improvement on the foods they were preparing for themselves at home. That is — a nutritional improvement. Yes, you’ll be eating foods with fancy names (with plenty of “ethnic foods” thrown in for variety) but even people with simple taste buds love the fact that Bistro MD offers full size meals, not snacks like other prepared food diet plans. When you compare the cost of Bistro MD with the cost of eating out at a restaurant, you realize that these prepared meals are a fraction of the cost of dining out. Your body will feel better and you may even save money if your family eats out multiple times a week.

Pros of the Bistro MD Diet Plan

1. Well-balanced, large portioned meals. Customers say that the Bistro MD meal plan’s basis in lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and low fat foods is easy to eat and the results can be seen quickly. Lean proteins are proven to keep you feeling full while at the same time keeping your blood sugar at the proper level. The simple sugars that can be found in pastas, white bread, or starchy potatoes are almost totally absent from your meals because they can really screw with your blood sugar, causing you to feel hungry or even nauseated within moments of eating. Since you’ll be eating only the “right” kinds of proteins, fats, carbs, and sugars, you can be sure that you’re not harming you body while you lose weight. And since the Bistro MD meals are portion-controlled, it is easy to change your bad eating habits and spark the kind of weight loss you’ve been looking for.

2. A variety of diet plans. You have lots of eating options with Bistro MD. As of this writing, there are four options for meal purchases — a full week plan with with snacks, a full week plan without snacks for people who want to prepare their own healthy in-between meal foods, and a “work week” plan that allows dieters to relax their diet on the weekend. For some people, relaxing the restrictions on their diet over the weekend means they’re more likely to stick to the plan.

3. Restaurant quality food. Go ahead, read Bistro MD reviews online and find out for yourself. People love this food. Since the Bistro MD menus are rotated in and out, you’ll have a lot more variety than with some other (cheaper) prepared food diet plans. For those people with food allergies, religious preferences, or a vegetarian lifestyle, Bistro MD offers a pretty massive substitution list. Simply choose a substitute food from the list when ordering.

4. Bistro MD food is shipped directly to your door. Your food will come right to your doorstep in dry-ice insulated coolers. Since you’re only ordering meals a week at a time, your Fed-Ex deliveries aren’t like massive drop shipments. Ordering food a week ahead of time makes it easy to plan your meals, but you won’t get bogged down worrying about what you’re going to eat three Tuesdays from now. The food is fresh upon delivery, sealed and cooled with dry ice, and the meals themselves are vacuum-sealed soon after they are prepared. This contributes to the freshness and nutritional content of the food.

5. Bistro MD provides a free diet profile. When you sign up online with the Bistro MD program, you’ll get a personalized diet profile on the website. This profile helps you evaluate your target weight loss and allows you to understand the length of time you’ll be on this diet. This can make weight loss seem less like a chore and more like a short program of self improvement.

6. Designed with diabetics in mind. Diabetic and pre-diabetic customers can rest assured that their needs are addressed by the Bistro MD diet plan.

Cons of the Bistro MD Diet Plan

  1. Pre-cooked food. There are some people who just don’t want to eat food that is cooked and then frozen. Though this diet plan is designed to help you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, the fact of frozen meals is a difficult one to swallow for some dieters. Remember that food technology has come a long way since the frozen food craze first began — frozen foods are tastier, fresher, and more nutritious now than they’ve ever been. The Bistro MD diet plan requires you to eat the majority of your meals from their frozen food selection, so people who have an aversion to frozen foods won’t stick to the diet, and shouldn’t waste their money.
  2. Routine, repetitious menus. Though the Bistro MD diet plan uses rotation to “mix up” the food you’ll be eating and keep you interested, people who are sensitive to eating the same food multiple times per month will have little success with this plan. The whole purpose of the pre-made menu system is to make picking foods and preparing them as convenient as possible for people on the diet plan, there will always be people who prefer spontaneous meals to planned diets. Flexibility is an issue for many households, and there’s little to no flexibility with food on the Bistro MD plan.
  3. No support group presence. Many diet plans, including some prepared meal diet plans, offer some kind of support group, usually a relationship with a medical doctor or nutritionist. Surprisingly, the Bistro MD diet plan does not include this kind of “face to face” support that some people find such a big part of their diet routine. If you prefer a diet plan that allows you to have meetings with a support group or a weight loss profession in order to stay motivated or keep your diet on track, stick with one of the other prepared meal programs that offer this kind of help, such as Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. I was surprised that Bistro MD doesn’t even offer an online community presence — this seems simple enough to set up and keep running.
  4. Exotic menu. Strangely enough, some people complain about the variety of menu options on the Bistro MD diet plan. One reviewer specifically mentioned that the food is just “too classy” — many people will see this as a positive aspect, but if you don’t like “exotic” foods, stay away from the Bistro MD plan. Because these foods are designed to keep you interested in your weight loss program, they were designed with chefs to be delicious to the eyes and the mouth. Meals like Thai curry chicken and eggplant Parmesan just aren’t up everyone’s alley.
  5. Somewhat expensive. The average cost per meal for a week’s package can range from $6.06 to $7.99. Other trendy prepared meal plans (like the Chef’s Diet) are far more expensive than this, but for some people, up to $25 a day for prepared meals is just too high.

The creator of the Bistro MD diet plan, Dr. Cederquist, does suggest that exercise and working out is crucial to weight loss, but in basically the same breath she insists that losing weight with Bistro MD does not require any additional activity on the part of the customer. The Bistro MD website provides some minor educational material on exercise, even though exercise is not a part of the Bistro MD diet plan. Exercise topics like the creation of a “fitness plan”, the value of aerobic exercise in weight loss, and the role that your mental health plays in weight loss are all explored at the Bistro MD website, but there’s just not a ton of attention paid to keeping your body active. If you are “anti exercise”, or don’t have time to add an exercise regimen to your diet, Bistro MD is the perfect diet plan for your lifestyle.

Bistro MD depends on the assumption that their customers don’t have time or energy to prepare healthy, tasty meals at home. Be honest — most of us don’t have the knowledge or the time to cook food that is designed to trim us down. Because Bistro MD has a large menu, with something of a wide variety of exotic foods, and because it is designed by a doctor in conjunction with chefs, these are both nutrient-rich and appetite satisfying meals. Getting the frozen foods shipped to your door and prepared at home is a snap, making weight loss management really just an issue of opening your microwave door. Bistro MD is an ideal diet plan for individuals or couples in pursuit of healthy weight, but may not be the most realistic eating plan for larger families.

Bistro MD is brought to you by a team of dietitians, chefs, and a medical doctor who has plenty of experience in the area of weight loss. Satisfying your nutritional needs as well as your need for variety, Bistro MD is one of the more popular and effective prepared food diet plans on the market.