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Diet Tips

Some of the diets tips listed here come directly from our blog and include topics such as: healthy diets, diet aids, safe fast diets, diet plans and advice on foods just to name a few.

Bistro MD Information

Looking for Bistro MD information? This diet plan gained popularity when it was revealed that the cast of television’s popular diet reality show “The Biggest Loser” eat according to the Bistro MD plan.

Medifast Diet Plan

The Medifast Diet Plan is getting a ton of attention because of its use by some medical doctors to control type 2 diabetes. Medifast is an old school diet plan — you’ll eat mostly meals that are prepared by Medifast, supplementing with one or two meals of your own.

The Biggest Loser Diet Recipes

The Biggest Loser is a rarity — a television phenomenon that’s also inspired millions of people to start their own weight loss regimen. This weight loss competition reality show is mega popular — versions of The Biggest Loser now air in America, the UK, the Arab world, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Hungary, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Slovakia, and South Africa.

Weight Loss Surgery

Put simply, weight loss surgery is controversial. Traditional means of losing weight, like altering your diet and adhering to an exercise program, are seen as “safe”. No matter how bad you may feel the first few weeks of a new diet and exercise plan, it isn’t going to cause you harm.

What Are Some Diabetic Menu Ideas?

Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in America, making it more deadly than flu, pneumonia, and kidney disease combined. We’ve all heard the frightening statistics — eight percent of the American population has diabetes with some 6 million people still undiagnosed.

Diet Tips and Strategies

People looking for diet tips and strategies will find a boatload of weight loss tricks and tips that may seem impossible to sort through. A quick web search for the term “diet tips” spits back over 30 million results, making searches for diet and diet  strategies some of the most common on the Internet. Some use supplements to lose weight, while others rely on cutting calories or increasing exercise.

Belly Fat Cure

Belly fat is the fat around the middle of our bodies that makes up the waistline. Call it a pot belly, a spare tire, love handles, or whatever cute nickname you want — it is still belly fat. Most people seek a belly fat cure because they want a flat sexy stomach.

What is the Cookie Diet?

It sounds like the best diet in the world — the name “Cookie Diet” makes you think you’re eating nothing but Oreos and somehow losing weight. Unfortunately, that’s not quite accurate.

What is a Cabbage Soup Diet?

Diets that promise to help you “lose weight quick” are everywhere. There are special cookies you can buy, strange drinks containing lemon juice and hot peppers, even exercise machines that claim to help you shed weight fast.

What Are Some Diet Tips that Actually Work?

What are some diet tips that actually work? There are plenty of diet tips floating around the Internet, from drink recipes meant to ‘detox’ the body, to the names of the latest dietary supplement meant to “block the intake of fat”, or some similar nonsense.

Which Diet Aids Work?

Which diet aids work? The only FDA approved diet aid that works is Alli. This used to be a prescription medication, but it’s now available over the counter. Alli works by blocking the body’s absorption of up to 25% of the fat ingested at meals. Unlike some other diet aids, prescription or not, Alli doesn’t work on the mind or the metabolism.

What’s a Healthy Diet that Works?

What’s a healthy diet that works? There are plenty of diets that different experts consider “healthy” — whether or not a diet works is mostly up to you. Here’s a short list of “healthy diets” that people have success losing weight with.

What Is a Safe Fast Diet?

What is a Safe Fast Diet? A safe fast diet is just what it sounds like–a quick but careful way to drop pounds in weeks or even days as opposed to longer term diet plans. The safe fast diet that everyone  is talking about is called the calorie shifting diet.

What Is BMI?

What Is a “Body Mass Index”? “BMI” stands for “body mass index” and is a measure of how overweight a person is. A person’s B.M.I. tells if that person is overweight and, if so, whether that person is obese. There are two ways to determine your BMI using height and weight in pounds.

What Are America’s Fattest States?

What are America’s fattest states? America is facing an obesity problem — some even call it an epidemic. Overwhelmingly, the obesity problem pops up in the Southern states. Annually, a group called The Trust for America’s Health conducts a study into percentages of obese and overweight people, comparing geographical areas of the country and identifying the fattest states and regions.

What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

What is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is not like the Adkins diet or the Skinny Bitch diet — there is no text to read or prescribed rules to follow. In fact, when people say they’re “on the Mediterranean diet” you may be surprised to learn what exactly they’re consuming.

What Is Food Inc.?

What is Food Inc.? “Food Inc.” is an upcoming documentary by filmmaker Robert Kenner, probably best known for his film The American Experience, which won an Emmy in 2006. One of the best reviewed films this year (a quick Google search of the film’s reviews revealed only one negative review, posted by an anonymous blogger), “Food Inc.” promises to be an eye opening experience for Americans, who probably don’t give a second though to exactly what it is they’re eating.

What Is the Skinny Bastard Diet?

What is the Skinny Bastard diet? The Skinny Bastard diet can be found in the book “Skinny Bastard”, a foul mouthed companion diet to the popular “Skinny Bitch” series of weight loss books which suggest a vegan diet as a route to weight loss. One difference between “Skinny Bitch” and “Skinny Bastard” — the book aimed at men suggests ways that men can “get ripped”, or add muscle mass.

What is Eat What You Want Day?

What is Eat What You Want Day? Eat What You Want Day sounds too good to be true. However, every May 11th, people forget whatever diet they’re on and pig out on their favorite “no no” food items. It seems there is no limit to the creativity of our society’s naming of special dates. Today, May 11, is Eat What You Want day. Every year this date is celebrated as Eat What You

Sassy Water Recipe – The Flat Belly Diet’s Sassy Water

Sassy water is a cool, refreshing drink with no calories. Some people use it to get off their soda habit. This sassy water recipe makes it easy to make your own batch of sassy water. (Sassy water was originally talked about in Prevention’s “Flat Belly Diet”, Sassy Water Recipe Sassy Water Ingredients: Water, 2 quarts Mint leaves, about 12 Cucumber, 1, peeled and

Who Is Dean Ornish?

Who is Dean Ornish? Dr. Dean Ornish is the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California. He is also a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California. Ornish received his medical training from the Baylor College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Is Jello a Good Diet Food?

We have an article about good diet foods, and one of the foods that’s mentioned in the article is that perennial children’s classic, Jello. But is Jello a good diet food? I’m comfortable saying that Jello is a good diet food, but I wouldn’t center a diet around Jello. I don’t think a “Jello diet” is going to be sweeping the nation any time soon.

Who Is Ray Kurzweil?

Who is Ray Kurzweil? My first exposure to Raymond Kurzweil, better known as Ray, came while reading Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year. In the January 2009 issue, Kurzweil appeared in David Kushner’s article “When Man and Machine Merge”. Kurzweil’s words in that article stuck with me.

How Has the Health Care Debate Changed?

How has the health care debate changed? I was in line for a flu shot this morning, after reading over the weekend about the possibility of the worst flu season in forty years, thinking about health care. I know I’m not the only one. You can’t turn on the news without getting slapped in the face by a pundit or a Senator with an opinion.

Why Has President Obama Changed His Message on Health Care Reform?

Why has President Obama changed his message on health care reform? The Honeymoon is over for President Barack Obama — actually, it may have been over for a couple of months now. With most of his approval ratings peaking or starting to drop off, the President and his Cabinet have begun reworking their overall message on health care reform.

What Is Congress Doing about Health Care?

What is Congress doing about health care? The United States Congress has increased their workload based on the expected overhaul of the $2.5 trillion healthcare industry. Congress is making good on their promise to the President to attempt to pass legislation in each chamber before the August congressional recess takes place.

Is There Cocaine in Red Bull Cola?

Is there cocaine in Red Bull Cola? Red Bull Cola has recently been released here in the United States — it is not considered purely an “energy drink” like the more familiar Red Bull product, but is sold as a “Cola”. About a year ago, the makers of Red Bull, the famous caffeine and sugar loaded “energy drink” decided to develop a soda.

Who Won The Biggest Loser Season 7?

Who won The Biggest Loser Season 7? The controversial winner of this past season of The Biggest Loser is Helen Phillips. I saw controversial because fans of the show are lining up to complain about the outcome — most fans, it seems, wanted Tara Costa to win, and don’t mind sharing their feelings about Helen Phillips.

Will Cheerios Really Help Lower Your Cholesterol?

Will Cheerios really help lower your cholesterol? According to General Mills, the breakfast cereal product known as Cheerios has a significant impact on the cholesterol levels of regular consumers of the popular breakfast cereal. The benefit supposedly comes from the whole grains found in Cheerios.

What Is ECreamery?

What is eCreamery? eCreamery is an online retailer that sells customized ice cream and gelato. Using the eCreamery service, customers have the option of creating custom flavors and mix ins — this is a truly unique franchise that holds a lot of promise for lovers of frozen desserts.

What Is Gonadotropin?

What is “gonadotropin”? Gonadotropin, also known as hCG, has been in the news lately as the suspected source of major league baseball star Manny Ramirez’ steroid troubles. The Los Angeles Dodger’s big gun was sidelined for 50 games after testing positive for a “performance enhancing drug”, which authorities refused to outright identify as a “steroid”.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

One of the most popular articles on AskDeb is this one: Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight? So I thought I’d write a blog post on the subjects of green tea and weight loss, although this is admittedly written by a layman for laymen. I’ve not had a great deal of luck managing my own weight loss program, but I’ve read a lot about the subject of losing weight, and I think it’s one of those “simple but not easy” subjects.

How Do You Find the Best Pizza Places?

How Do You Find the Best Pizza Places? I recently moved to a new town and discovered what millions of people already know — it is damn hard to “discover” the best pizza places in a new town. That first day, after you’ve unloaded the moving truck, met the neighbors, and struggled to setup your wireless connection, nothing goes down like a couple bottles of your favorite beer and a good pizza.