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Welcome to Ask Deb’s Education Questions & Answers channel. Our goal is to provide you with top of the line education advice that will enable you to grow and expand your learning in any field of study. A socioeconomics teacher by the name of William Allin once said “Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions”. We have a similar goal, to provide you the means to answer all your education questions.

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Education Tips

The following list of articles is a compilation of education tips meant to answer questions submitted by our readers. At Ask Deb we believe that knowledge truly is power and by answering all your questions we hope to share this knowledge with all our readers.


What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

Once upon a time earning a high school diploma meant you had plenty of job options. If you wanted to be a professional or work in certain fields you attended college but most people could get by (and make a good living) with just four years of high school.

What City Represented The Most Unique Blending Of Arts And Customs In The 1800’s?

It is hard to decide on which one city in the entire world has the most unique blend of arts and culture during the 1800’s. The entire 1800’s is a century of rapid global growth and advancement.

Who Is The God Of Time?

Different cultures have different myths and gods that they believed in. There have been so many pantheons of gods and goddesses throughout the world, each with varying personalities and characteristics.

How Does Act 1, Scene 5 of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Prepare The Audience For Later Events In the Play?

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous of the Shakespearean plays and probably the most famous of all tragedies ever to be scripted. It is also probably the best romantic play ever written.

What Kind Of Toys Did The Ancient Romans Have?

Ancient Rome was one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. They were very advanced for a civilization of that time, surpassing Europe’s Middle Ages which would follow hundreds of years later.

Who Are The Greek Gods?

Ancient Greece is known for its mythical lore. Many well-known legends and stories originate from that distant time period. The myths center on creatures, magical artifacts, mighty heroes, and numerous gods and goddesses.

A Blind Man Invented This, Most Cars Have It But You Don’t Use It Everyday….What Is It?

This is the riddle of the day: “A blind man invented this, most cars have it but you don’t use it everyday. What is it?” It may not be so much as what this particular item is as it is that a blind man invented it.

What is Online Education?

Online education is quickly becoming a preferred method of study for many students. It offers flexibility in scheduling that classroom instruction simply cannot provide.

What is Higher Education?

Higher education generally refers to post-secondary education. In essence, it is any schooling that takes place after high school.

What is Continuing Education?

Continuing education is a term that refers to courses and programs for those who seek to further their careers through career-specific educational courses.

What is Adult Education?

If you missed the boat for high school or college in your teens and twenties, you are likely to realize the downside of your choice in your thirties. Those who fail to secure college degrees make less money and often have less satisfying jobs.

What is a Department of Education?

Before there was a federal Department of Education, the responsibility for standards in the American educational system rested in the hands of several independent programs within the US President’s Cabinet.

What is Special Education?

Special education is a form of education intended for those with non-traditional learning needs. It is a system that has been formed to plan and monitor teaching procedures, adapt equipment and materials and find ways to make learning more accessible to those with special needs.

What is a Board of Education?

School systems are run on many levels. Most prominent is the Board of Education. This entity oversees the overall school system of a district. Each state has its own Board of Education with authority over local boards and the federal Department of Education has the ultimate jurisdiction.

Was the First Amendment Proposed Ratified?

Yes, “Amendment the First” existed and was never ratified. To ratify an amendment to the Constitution, you needed 3/4ths of the states to agree to the amendment. In those days, there were 14 states, so you needed 11 states to ratify for the amendment to become part of the Constitution.

How Can I Make Studying Less Boring?

Although getting good grades can help you in the long run between getting into good schools and careers, the process of getting good grades can be tough, even boring.

What Book Is The Great American Novel?

The great American novel is the ideal book that captures the spirit and feeling of America during the time of its writing. It is suppose to encompass the culture and identity of the time period.

How Can I Learn To Read Faster?

Most people who enjoy reading would like to be able to read faster. We can enjoy magazines, books, and other material faster if we could just improve the speed of our reading.

How Can I Understand Elizabethan Language?

The plays of William Shakespeare are considered some of the finest works of English literature. They are studied throughout school, from grade school through higher education, for their mastery of language, their exciting and intricate plots, and their examples of the structure of drama.