What Is a Wet Bar?

With the economic times being what they are people having less discretionary income to spend, entertaining at home has become an attractive alternative to going out for a night on the town. If you have a group of friends over or you just spend the evening with your significant other staying home can be just as satisfying as the nightlife in the big city.

If you’re one of those people who truly enjoys entertaining at home you really should consider buying or building a wet bar to make your entertainment space even more enjoyable. Having a wet bar is not only convenient; its presence lends a certain festive atmosphere to your home.
Wet Bar

Wet bars and mini bars

Certainly anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel knows what a wet bar is. Usually they are in the room and provide the lodger with an attractive selection of expensive spirits and incredibly overpriced nuts. However what makes it a “wet” bar is the fact that there is a sink and faucet built in. Without the plumbing it is considered a “dry” bar.

Those hotel bars are normally pretty small and that’s understandable given the limited space in a hotel room and the fact that only one or two people will be using the bar. However if you decide to add one of these entertainment essentials to your home, you’ll have to take into consideration a number of things to get the best use of your wet bar.

  • The first consideration is where to place the bar. It has to be in an area where a waterline and drain can be easily installed. Once that spot has been identified you’ll need to decide on how much space you have available and create your ideal dimensions for the unit.
  • Wet bars can be purchased completely finished, or in kits or if you’re handy and have the space to work you can build your own. Typically they are constructed of wood or stainless steel or a combination. Unlike the hotels who seem to all buy from the same manufacturer, there is a huge selection of styles and finishes to choose from and picking one will be your biggest challenge.
  • When selecting a wet bar model consider adding a mini refrigerator as a built in. You’ll find that having a place to keep beer, wine and mixes chilled keeps you behind the bar serving guests and enjoying yourself instead of running off to the kitchen to fetch another bottle of tonic.
  • Another feature to consider when choosing a wet bar is the bar’s surface. There are going to be spills and people are going to leave wet glasses on top of the bar so you want a material that is water and stain resistant. Stainless steel is a good choice but you can also use a laminated material.
  • Make sure you have adequate storage for your supply of spirits and all the gadgets and goodies that a good bar needs like corkscrews, napkins, shakers and those cute little umbrella toothpicks.

As a final touch dress up your wet bar with some comfortable seating. You can use ordinary kitchen stools or class it up with something like Hillsdale bar stools. Having seating in front of the bar invites your guests to come a sit for a while. It’s actually a good ice breaker if you are entertaining somebody new.

An attractive wet bar will not only make your entertaining more enjoyable, it can actually add value to your home if you decide to sell. The presence of a wet bar says this house is a fun place to live and makes the house even more attractive.

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David Dawson lives in Boston with his wife and three kids and absolutely loves spending time entertaining at home. A full time organic chemist, David has turned his passion for home entertainment into a part time job by creating a website dedicated to home entertainment tips and products.