Where Can I Find Earth Day Coloring Pages?


Picture taken by Gaving & Drew Stewart
  1. 10 Cool Earth Day Coloring PagesCheck out this page for 10 cool Earth Day coloring pages – the page also provides links to more poster-friendly versions of all of their designs.
  2. Earth Day Posters6 unique and “cute” Earth Day poster / coloring page designs can be found here.
  3. Animal AnticsFor older kids, or kids with a ton of imagination, here is an interactive comic book that you can write your own captions for, print out, and color the way you want to.
  4. Earth Day Coloring PagesRather than providing the pictures for you, as other sites do, this page of Earth Day coloring pages offers a big list of links to printable Earth Day poster templates or simple black and white coloring pages.
  5. Apples 4 Teacher – Earth Day Coloring Pages10 more well designed Earth Day coloring pages are presented – what I like about this page is that there are designs for boys AND girls.
  6. Coloring.WS Earth Day PostersOne of the largest single collections of printable Earth Day posters and coloring pages – 18 unique designs are provided and are easy to print, with instructions and “printer friendly” links.
  7. Earth Day Craft & ActivitiesAlong with a few coloring books and pages, this site has a huge variety of Earth Day related crafts and activities – a great page for teachers.
  8. Earth Day Coloring ProjectsA small but attractive group of Earth Day related coloring projects.
  9. EPA Earth Day Coloring and Activity BookDirectly from the EPA, here is an 11 page coloring book with good designs and a lot of variety.
  10. Planet Protector’s Coloring BookHere is an “eco friendly” online coloring project from the EPA – not only will you be saving paper and coloring materials, but you can color the picture again and again with different colors and results.

Where Can I Find Earth Day Worksheets?

  1. Earth Day Theme WorksheetThis is a big list of free Earth Day worksheets and materials – brought to you by the folks at ABCTeach.com. Become a member of the site and you’ll have access to even more Earth Day crafts.
  2. Earth Day Projects CollectionAnother big collection of Earth Day related projects and worksheets aimed at teachers. You can even print out “Earth Day awards” for your students who take part in Earth Day projects.
  3. Caring For Earth Day Theme UnitA vast resource full of Earth Day worksheets, coloring pages, and projects.
  4. Earth Day Teacher ResourcesThis teacher’s resource provides plenty of unique Earth Day activies, including worksheets, projects, and science activities related to conservation.
  5. Earth Day Worksheets at School FamilyA variety of Earth Day activities aimed at younger students: worksheets, coloring pages, and craft ideas you can do with your kids.
  6. Earth Day.org Teacher’s ResourceA huge resource for teacher’s related to Earth Day, direct from the US government – articles, info, worksheets, and other Earth Day activities can be found here.
  7. Teacher Planet Earth Day ResourcesEducator’s web pages are full of activities for Earth Day – this page is no exception. Probably the largest collection of pure “worksheets” and workpages about Earth Day.
  8. Earth Day Worksheets from WorksheetLibraryThis collection of Earth Day worksheets is easy to access, easy to print, and features well designed projects.
  9. Planet Earth WorksheetsA good resource for teachers looking for classroom material about Earth Day.
  10. Earth Day – The Green GuideThis page from National Geographic is full of info and articles on Earth Day as well as links to worksheets and other craft ideas.
  11. Earth Day 2009 Crafts & MoreA wide variety of Earth Day worksheets, projects, and craft ideas will keep your kids active for hours.
  12. Earth Day Informational SitesA collection of links to Earth Day info, crafts, worksheets, puzzles, and games.
  13. Activities to Celebrate Earth DayAnother great resource for teachers looking to provide their students with worksheets and projects related to Earth Day – including plenty of info about Earth Day and why we celebrate it.
  14. Scholastic’s Celebrate Earth DayStudent activities and worksheets about Earth Day, from Scholastic . com

Where can I find Earth Day word searches?

  1. Kid’s Earth Day Word SearchHere you can find three ready to print Earth Day word searches at three different levels of difficulty.
  2. About.com’s Homeschooling Earth Day Word SearchA big Earth Day word search is available for free from this Homeschooling related About.com page.
  3. Eco Kids Online – Earth Day Word Search (PDF)Two printable Earth Day word searches.
  4. Earth Day Word Search at Missouri Dep of Natural ResourcesA big Earth Day word puzzle for kids who like language games.
  5. Earth Day Word Search by Teacher VisionAn “easier” Earth Day word search puzzle for grades 3-5.
  6. Surf Net Kid’s Earth Day Word SearchHere is an Earth friendly Earth Day word search – no printing required, play the game right on your computer.
  7. DLTK’s Earth Day Word SearchTwo different Earth Day word searches can be found here – an “easy” and a “difficult” version.
  8. Think Green Word PuzzlesFour Earth Day and ecology word searches that will challenge your student or child between the ages of 6 and 12.
  9. The Teacher’s Corner Earth Day Word SearchAnother “green” word search for Earth Day – you play this word search game online rather than printing it out and using up paper. A great way to teach your child about saving paper.
  10. Word Search MakerGet interactive, and make your OWN word search. You can insert words related to Earth Day, “living green”, or whatever ecology topic you choose.