Garnet Hill Coupons

Garnet Hill Coupons

Popular catalog and Internet retailer Garnet Hill sells women’s clothing, women’s shoes, bedding and bedroom fabrics, kid’s clothes, and a few other things such as perfumes and small gift items. Garnet Hill is best known in its catalog format, though the popularity of the website is increasing rapidly as well. There are also two retail stores, both in New England.

Garnet Hill has been around since 1976 and has built a name for itself as a supplier of quality organic cotton goods. The next time you shop around Garnet Hill’s website or catalog, bring along these ideas for ways to save money on Garnet Hill products. You can use coupons, coupon codes, and a few other tricks to get discounts on and save money off your Garnet Hill bill.

2011 Garnet Hill CouponsGarnet Hill Coupons

The first place you should look for ways to save on things you buy at Garnet Hill is through third-party coupon hunting sites like Coupon Heaven, Coupon Mountain, and Retail Me Not. You won’t always find promo codes that are valid, but (for example) right now at Coupon Heaven you can get free shipping on lots of different items including any purchase of women’s shoes. Sites like Retail Me Not are more likely to have coupons for specific items from Garnet Hill, such as a specific line of dresses or a particular piece of kid’s clothing.

When you burn out at third-party coupon sites, check the Garnet Hill website for deals and promotions. The Garnet Hill “Sales & Promotions” page is more than just a collection of items with reduced prices. The section called “Just Reduced” has incredible deals that are only valid for a short time, and you can search through collections of items priced at special levels, like “under $50” or “under $40”, etc.

Other Garnet Hill Discounts,Deals & Promotions – Free Shipping

The most common deals for Garnet Hill are for free shipping. Any coupon or “deal” hunting website worth its salt will have free shipping codes for Garnet Hill. While saving $6 or $7 may not seem like much, if you use free shipping codes for all your purchases at Garnet Hill for several years, that $6 or $7 really adds up.

It can be hard to find coupons and promotions for Garnet Hill. The company just doesn’t release that many coupons or offer deals outside of what they offer on their website. In fact, most third-party coupon sites have a special note on their Garnet Hill page saying something like “This retailer has asked us not to host coupons” blah blah blah. Bottom line, you’re not going to find the variety of coupons at Garnet Hill that you’d find at other retailers.

Still, you can occasionally find promo codes and printable coupons through simple Internet searches. Keep an eye out on third-party coupon sites and check the Garnet Hill sale pages regularly, and you can find yourself saving money on the expensive Garnet Hill cotton goods you love.

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