Truths about Being a Parent

This article is intended for those who are enjoying parenthood, those who are struggling through it, as well as those who are thinking about becoming parents. Yes, everyone will tell you that parenthood is an amazing experience; they will tell you funny stories and they will even brag about how easy and natural it was for them – to the extent that you will feel like a complete failure.

I am not here for that. I am here to tell you the truth.

1. Feeling ready for a baby doesn’t mean things will go smoothly…

Of course, before you decide to have a baby, you have to get ready for it in several ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Sometimes pregnancies are accidental, but you will still have enough time to make at least basic plans for the future.

However, no matter how good at organization and planning you may be, life is full or unpredictable events and situations. Your plans will make you feel more calm and give you a sense of control, but you will have to deviate from them occasionally. Don’t be disappointed if things don’t go the way you wanted; your pregnancy is not something you can plan completely, neither is labour, (nor is the whole new life with your new baby.)

You will have to learn how to deal with the new situations and some of them will not be as you had hoped. Here is a tip on how to relieve the stress: don’t expect too much from yourself and don’t expect it to be a fairy tale. But do keep a positive attitude: “Yes, things are not optimal, but I will manage.”

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