How to Make a Toga

A toga was, at one time, worn on the everyday basis. It is a traditional Roman garment, but most people wear a toga as a costume nowadays. Togas can be made with the flat sheet from a set of bed sheets, but using a piece of cloth will create a more authentic toga. This also allows you to choose the fabric pattern and color, so your toga is comfortable and stylish. Un-sewn fabric is also easier to wrap then a bed sheet and provides better coverage, so you will not have to worry about exposing yourself while in the toga.

Choosing Fabric for Your Toga

The average person will need four yards of fabric to create their toga. You might want more fabric, especially if you are plus-sized, but more than six yards will create bunching and dragging. If you are unsure, purchase six yards and cut the material down once you have wrapped the toga at home. You can always decrease the size of the fabric, but once it is cut you cannot add more fabric.

Creating a toga includes a lot of folding and draping of your fabric. Traditional togas do not need to be sewn or taped, but some people do pin them for extra security. The fabric for a toga can be used over and over, so if you are concerned about reuse or wasting the fabric, you can always do something with it once you have used it as a toga.

Wrapping a Toga

Begin the wrapping process at your waist. Wrap the fabric around you one and a half times. Pin it is place on both sides to keep it secure when you are moving. The fabric can be folded to make it longer or shorter, but most people prefer a length right around their kneecaps.

After you have wrapped your waist, place the remainder of the fabric over your shoulder and bring it back under your armpit. The fabric can then be wrapped around the waist another time and tucked into the band. Other options include banding the fabric around the bust-line or draping the extra fabric over your arm. Women can secure the bust wrap with a pin. Most people wear a tunic, swimsuit, tank top, or t-shirt beneath their toga, but this is a personal choice. Leggings, bike shorts, and boxers are also appropriate for those who are planning to sit down while wearing their toga.

Women’s and men’s togas are basically the same, but women are likely going to spend more time adjusting the fabric to ensure they are covered properly. Men and women also prefer different fabrics and patterns when choosing the material. Togas are typically a solid color, but there is no rule stating the fabric cannot be a pattern. You might want to choose a dark color if you are not planning to wear a swimsuit or undergarments beneath your toga. This reduces the risk your toga will be see through, especially if the fabric gets wet.