How to Tie a Neckerchief

Neckerchiefs are worn with a variety of uniforms and as a stylish accent for certain outfits. The most common uniforms that include neckerchiefs are Boy Scouts, Navy, and some airline carrier’s flight attendants. Neckerchiefs are appropriate for men and women, but these days they are considered a more feminine look. Much of the feminine look of the style is determined by the material used to make the neckerchief. Shimmering or shiny materials and feminine patterns are going to be more appropriate for women than for men.

Prepare to Tie the Neckerchief

Start by spreading the square of fabric on a flat surface. The first fold is in half across the diagonal. Grab two opposite corners and have them meet, creating a crease across the center of the fabric. This creates a triangle out of the fabric.

Next, roll the neckerchief. Starting at the point created by the corners, roll the fabric toward the bottom end of the triangle. Now you can place the rolled fabric around your neck. Center the fabric behind your neck and take an end in both hands on opposite sides of your neck. Cross one end over the other and bring the end to the front by looping it through the opening. Make sure the ends remain even and cross them again. Tightening the cross will secure the tie and create a stylish knot. This method of tying creates a simple, square knot that can be left at the center of the collarbone or shifted to the side.

Women’s Neckerchief

Women might want to wear their neckerchief closer to their neck. When creating the first tie, secure the base of the knot near the clavicle and then finish with a second cross over of the ends. Pull the fabric as tight as possible without creating discomfort. Spreading the tails created by the ends of the fabric adds flair to the tie. Some women secure the knot with a decorative pin. It will take a bit of adjusting, but you can usually get the tails and pin arranged on the side of your clavicle, creating a very stylish accent.

Neckerchiefs are a great way to add style to an otherwise boring outfit. This is why they are so popular with uniforms. They add a little color to an otherwise neutral suit. If you work in a conservative office, neckerchiefs add personal style to outfits that might otherwise be drab and boring. If you are bored by having to wear conservative clothing everyday, a neckerchief brings color and personality to your clothing.

Keeping Warm with a Neckerchief

Neckerchiefs are also worn for practical purposes. Sometimes it is not cold enough for winter hats and scarves, but a little extra material is needed to keep the chill off your body. A neckerchief will give just a bit of warmth by covering skin that would otherwise be exposed. They are an excellent way to stay stylish, even when the weather is chilly. Neckerchiefs also hide figure flaws. If you are concerned about the look of your neck as you age or gain weight, a neckerchief will cover what you do not like. They also accent a slender, smooth neck if tied lower and laid against the shoulder.