How Can I Buy Green Mountain Coffee?

Coffee is a delicious and often required way to wake up in the morning. There is nothing like the aroma, the taste, and the feel of that warm cup to get you going. You can get coffee just about anywhere and it comes in a wide variety of flavors and forms. There are a lot of coffee makers in the industry but one brand that has risen to popularity is Green Mountain Coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee is based in Vermont and is one of the leading producers of specialty coffees in the U.S. They are very eco-friendly and promote recycling and environmental awareness. They also have some really great coffees. Their products include their signature blends such as Mountain Blueberry, Caramel Vanilla Cream, Southern Pecan, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, and many more. There are also some seasonal blends that are appropriate for enjoying throughout the different seasons. Overall, Green Mountain Coffee has some great choices. But the big question is this: how can I buy Green Mountain Coffee? Where is it available? For some of the best places to find Green Mountain Coffee, check it out below.

Buying Green Mountain Coffee Direct


If you’re interested in buying Green Mountain Coffee direct the obvious place look at first is their website. It is divided up for easy navigation and they have their own shopping cart so it is very convenient to shop and buy. They have all of their signature and seasonal blends listed. They also have several flavors in the popular K-cups for easy brewing along with grinders, brewers, cups, and other kitchen accessories. Green Mountain has also partnered with Newman’s Own to produce some organic coffees. Since this is a website, you can go on there and order at any time.

Buy It Online

You can also buy Green Mountain Coffee at other websites such as online grocers. offers a range of flavors and K-cups. You can even buy in bulk cheaper than you can get it at a coffee house. There are a few other online places that specialize in organics that might sell green Mountain brands, especially the K-cups.

Buy It At The Supermarket

Green Mountain Coffee is carried in many supermarket chains around the country. You can look for them in the coffee aisle or if the supermarket has an organic section, they might even have a couple of shelves there. The negative about buying in a supermarket is that shelf space is notoriously limited and you probably won’t find a wide variety of flavors. The bonus, however, is that most stores carry grinders. You can purchase the coffee beans and grind them right there.

Look For It In Coffee Shops And Other Spots

Green Mountain Coffee sells wholesale to other vendors so you might also find it being served in some coffee houses, particularly those that deal in specialty coffees. Some McDonalds restaurants have replaced their old coffee and has started to carry Green Mountain brands. You can always call around to the various shops around town and ask what brands they have. You will definitely pay more for a cup there than if you brewed it yourself but if you are on the go and in a hurry, convenience is worth the price.