How Do You Find the Best Pizza Places?

How Do You Find the Best Pizza Places?

I recently moved to a new town and discovered what millions of people already know — it is damn hard to “discover” the best pizza places in a new town. That first day, after you’ve unloaded the moving truck, met the neighbors, and struggled to setup your wireless connection, nothing goes down like a couple bottles of your favorite beer and a good pizza.

Finding out where the best pizza in a given town is does not have to be the struggle it once was. Here’s three easy steps to finding the best pizza in any town in the country.

Step One: Selecting a Pizza Target

Before you go running willy-nilly for the phone book to look up the nearest chain pizza shop, stop and ask yourself if you really want to have another same-old same-old Pizza Hut experience. You’re in a new town — why not try out what the locals have to offer? I guarantee you there is better pizza than Domino’s to be had in any town, no matter the size.

To help you figure out who to call for a pie, decide if you want a particular style of pizza (deep dish, thin crust, etc) or if there is a particular flavor that you like. Eating a “white pizza” at three different pizza joints means eating three different “white pizzas”, but if it is a flavor you like, it is a safe flavor to try out in your new environment.

Wrapping your head around exactly what kind of pizza you want is your first step.

Step Two: Read Online Reviews

Used to be you had to spend a bit of time asking around at the bars and in your neighborhood to get a feel for how much people like a given restaurant in your area. Now that everyone (and I mean everyone) is on the Internet, you can access all kinds of restaurant review website to get a handle on how the people in your new town feel about certain eateries. Since pizza is so popular across all classes and ethnicities, you can bet there will be plenty of online reviews for the pizza places you’re considering.

Online reviews are trustworthy for the most part. Yes, it is true that some people only go online to review based on a negative experience (skewing the results in a generally negative direction) and yes some restaurant owners will “spam” a rival restaurant’s comments sections trying to ruin business, but for the most part online reviews are honest.

Check out sites like Yelp or the reviews posted to Google.

Step Three: Dig In

Quit worrying about your decision and order a pizza. Remember the place you ordered from and rate your pizza experience after you’re done eating. Didn’t like the crust? Try a different one next time. Didn’t like the price or the delivery time or something like that? Move on to the next pizza place next time. Remember — pizza is delicious and (yes) maybe even a little bit of fun, so what’s the risk in trying out a new pizzeria?