IHOP Coupons

2011 International House of Pancakes Coupons

IHOP, also known as International House of Pancakes, is a huge chain of restaurants focusing on breakfast food. There are more than 1,500 IHOP restaurants in the world, at least one in each of the 50 states, as well as restaurants in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 99% of IHOP restaurants are run by independent franchisees, indicating the company’s commitment to small business.

With the word “pancakes” right in the name, it’s obvious that IHOP focuses on breakfast foods, but not everything is pancakes, French toast and omelettes on the IHOP menu. There are plenty of lunch and dinner items, from diner-style hamburgers to more complex entrees and even steak.

2011 IHOP Coupons

What started as a single restaurant in 1958 has turned into a breakfast empire. Most IHOP locations are open 24 hours a day cooking eggs and bacon around the clock. IHOP is something of a specialty restaurant, and while the menu offers throwback diner food, the prices are very 2011. To save money on your next trip to IHOP, check out these coupon and promo offers.

2011 Online IHOP Coupons

IHOP is not shy about their coupon policy, stating emphatically on their website that most of their coupons come from “the glossy coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper.” Companies like Valassis, SmartSource, and CoolSavings regularly print these glossy inserts and make them available to municipal newspapers. This doesn’t mean that finding coupons for IHOP is a matter of ruffling through your newspaper. There are other ways to find IHOP coupons online.

Companies who prepare these glossy inserts, like RedPlum, regularly make these coupons available to websites and online users as well. This is where third-party coupon websites find most of their deals, through coupon companies’ online offers. Check out 8coupons.com, a coupon hunting site that will take your location into account when you search for IHOP coupons. 8coupons.com will find promos and coupons for IHOP restaurants in your area automatically.

Printable IHOP Coupons

Popular third-party coupon gathering site RetailMeNOt.com has a page dedicated to IHOP that is currently hosting five “active coupons.” A coupon is considered “active” as long as it has at least a 50% success rate. Coupon deals range from simple “5% off” deals to special offers good at select stores. You can print these coupons out from your browser and bring them with you on your next trip to IHOP.

Other IHOP Deals

IHOP has a special club, called Pancake Revolution, that offers deals and coupons to members. You sign up online for free, with just a few personal details, and you’ll soon be enjoying free IHOP food. Immediately upon signing up, you’ll get a free meal at IHOP. One calendar year after you sign up, you’ll eat another free IHOP meal. Being a member of this club has a few other perks as well, such as coupons and promotional deals emailed right your inbox.

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