Papa Johns Coupons

Papa Johns Coupons

When you have to order pizza from a chain, why not order from the chain that’s won the most national awards? Picked time and again as “best pizza” by organizations like the Restaurants & Institutions Consumers’ Choice awards, Papa Johns has always taken pride in the fact that they use better ingredients than their competition. It’s right there in their slogan: “Better ingredients, better pizza.”

There are more than 2,600 Papa Johns restaurants in America and another 1,000 or so in countries around the world. What started as a single pizza joint in Kentucky in the 80s has become the third-largest pizza delivery chain in the world. They may be only the third-largest, but they’re the fastest growing chain, and people who take pizza seriously tend to prefer Papa Johns more authentic flavor. Papa Johns is famous for using fresh ingredients and for giving every customer a garlicPapa Johns Coupons

and oil dipping sauce as well as a real pepperoncini pepper with every pie.

Online Papa Johns Coupons 2011

Who orders pizza without a coupon these days? There’s no reason to pay full price for your next Papa Johns pizza experience. There are more places to find Papa Johns coupons than you can shake a breadstick at.

Start your search for online Papa Johns coupons at the company’s website. ┬áThe best coupons and the latest deals are always displayed prominently on the front page. Special offers change regularly, but usually include things like “any large pizza for $10” or “wings for $6”. Very rarely you’ll find a “buy one get one” type of offer, but most of the coupons and deals you find on the Papa Johns website are more like “percent off” or “dollars off” coupons.

If you don’t find what you want at the website, search your favorite third-party coupon hunting site. RetailMeNot has a Papa Johns page–there are three “active coupons” posted there right now, including one for two medium two-topping pizzas for under $15.

Other third-party coupon sites are pushing other deals. is a great coupon gathering site because it uses your local address to find deals specific to your area. Search that site for Papa Johns deals at your local store.

Other Papa Johns Deals

If you sign up for Papa John’s email updates, you can have coupons and promo deals emailed directly to your inbox. You sign up for free at the website, and you’ll get monthly emails with store opening news, new promos, and occasionally a printable coupon.

For more Papa Johns interaction, follow their Facebook page. They’re constantly updating with new promos and deals, and even offering exclusive coupons for their Facebook fans.

The last place to dig around for Papa Johns coupons is your mailbox and newspaper. Since Papa Johns is a huge international chain of restaurants, they have a coupon policy intended to draw in business. They place these ads in your newspaper’s ad circular and in direct mail campaigns. These are traditional “pizza delivery coupons”, offering everything from free food to special large-order discounts.

Papa Johns is one of the most popular pizza joints in the country, and while it doesn’t always stack up against your local hole-in-the-wall pizzeria, it is considered the “best” chain pizza in the country by people who know best.