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Pillsbury Coupons 2011

Pillsbury is a very recognizable brand of baked goods and frozen items with an iconic spokesperson–the Dough Boy. Though best known for premixed dough and frozen food items, Pillsbury’s product line is huge and includes way more than just crescent rolls. Founded way back in 1872, Pillsbury is now wholly owned by General Mills. What started as a simple grain processing company is now one of the most beloved brands in America.

When you think “Pillsbury” you think of the dough-boy and various baked treats, or maybe of dinner rolls or special Thanksgiving desserts. Pillsbury offers everything from refrigerated cookie dough, easy bake dinner rolls, pie crusts,frozen breakfast food, refrigerated breads, and biscuit dough. Almost all Pillsbury goods are distributed directly under the Pillsbury brand, though same are branded for specific chain stores–specifically, Pillsbury is in

Pillsbury Coupons

charge of popular frozen pizza brands Jeno’s and Totino’s.

Since you probably already buy a ton of Pillsbury goods, finding coupons to make them cheaper is a good way to save cash on your bill at the grocery store. Here’s how to find coupons and deals on your favorite Pillsbury products.

Online Pillsbury Coupons for Toaster Strudels and Crescents

Like most things, the first place to search for Pillsbury coupons is directly from their website, Pillsbury.com. When you join their membership club, you’ll get free coupons, recipes, a newsletter, and access to easy to find online printable coupons directly through Pillsbury.com. Not just Pillsbury branded products, either, but almost all General Mills products are covered by these coupons. Signing up with Pillsbury.com is free and doesn’t take more than a minute–as soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to $30 in coupons and special promotions. These promotions repeat monthly.

Another place to search for Pillsbury coupons are the popular third-party coupon gathering sites. Simply running a Google search for “Pillsbury coupons” should bring up dozens of coupon gathering sites where Internet users post coupons and deals they’ve found in one location. Sites like 8coupons.com and coupons.com have the occasional Pillsbury coupon, though they are not as common now thanks to the existence of the Pillsbury.com member newsletter.

Other Pillsbury Coupon Sources

Your local newspaper prints a coupon section that often has a few Pillsbury coupons. Check your Sunday edition for coupons good at most retail settings on Pillsbury brand and General Mills brand goods.

When you buy Pillsbury products, they often have coupons for other Pillsbury goods printed on the label or inside the packaging. These coupons aren’t huge–usually good for a quarter or two off another Pillsbury product, but every cent counts.

Pillsbury is a trusted name in food, and now that you can join their members-only newsletter and get exclusive coupons (and you can search third-party coupon websites) you can save money on the Pillsbury goods you’d buy anyway. Don’t pay full price for chocolate chip cookie dough or crescent rolls–check out Pillsbury.com and join the club to start saving money right away.

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