Where Can I Order Chocolate Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Chocolate is as much a part of Valentine’s Day as roses and hearts. It has always been associated with that important day of romance. It comes from the common belief that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. The delicious taste and the heart packaging conjures up feelings of sensuality and love. Women (and some men) have been the recipients of chocolate for Valentine’s Day for generations. They are the next best thing to flowers and for those that really want to make a double impression, you can give chocolates AND flowers. Who could resist that, right?

So if you are shopping around for a box of those dark delectables, you may wonder ‘where can I order chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day’? Valentine’s Day is a big industry and there are many companies out there who specialize in that special day. There are a lot of sources where you can order chocolate gifts. Depending on exactly what you need, you may have to order early to ensure you get what you want. For some great places to get chocolates for that special someone, go look at some of the places listed below.

Valentine Chocolate Gifts Websitses


The best place to find chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day (and to find the best prices) is going to be the Internet. There are dozens of valentine chocolate gifts websites where you can order the right chocolate gift that would be perfect for that special person in your life. You can find anything from the standard box of chocolates, items such as roses and hearts that are made from chocolate, and specialty chocolates. Shipping is usually fast and efficient and you can always choose how you want it shipped. Here are a couple of good sites you can check out.

Wolds Finest Chocolate – Worlds Finest Chocolate has been in the business for 50 years and their diverse selection of chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day. They have everything from chocolate covered raisins, almonds, dark mint chocolate, and chocolate bars. The gifts range in price from $11.50 to $45.00.

Godiva – The grandmother of all chocolate treats. Godiva offers a wide assortment of truffles and treats in a number of different packages. You can get baskets, gift boxes, and packs all with different assortments of chocolate truffles. Prices for chocolate gifts range from $8.50 to $200, with the average being around $60. Godiva tends to be pricier than other internet sites but the taste is really decadent.

Sees Candies – Sees Candies has a number of different types of candies and treats. Besides brittles, nuts, and toffees, they also have a decent selection of chocolates. These are more of the traditional boxes of assorted chocolates. They do a have several styles such as soft centers, nuts, buttercream, milk chocolate, and chews. Their prices range from $15 to $20.

Vosges Haute Chocolate – For a really elegant choice of chocolate gifts, look no further than Vosges Haute Chocolate. They are definitely the high fashion of the chocolate world. Vosges has some cool gift sets that come in these rich, dark violet packages with bow accents. A standard chocolate gift set is around $40 but they have the ultimate gift set that includes a bottle of champagne for around $300.

Valentine Day Cany Stores

If you don’t want to wait for a delivery or you are afraid the food delivery will arrive while that special someone is lurking around, you can always try a local candy store. Valentine’s Day is usually big business for such stores, especially the ones that make their own chocolate treats. If you are lucky enough to have a candy store nearby that specializes in gourmet chocolate, then you should have a pretty good selection to choose from. If they don’t do their own packaging for gift sets, you can always buy a nice box somewhere and put a bow on it. Besides convenience, another good thing about a local candy store is they are the best place to find freshly-dipped chocolate strawberries. At most of these places you can order early and they can have the chocolate gift ready for you in time for Valentine’s Day.

Flower Boutiques

Flower boutiques are extremely busy around Valentine’s Day. It is their busiest time of year. A lot of them use the marketing ploy of offering not just flowers but chocolate gifts as well. Selection may not be as diverse as a candy store or online chocolate site but you can get the added punch of flowers along with it. If there are several flower stores in your area, call around and find out if they have any chocolate gifts and get the best prices. The advantage of going through a flower boutique is that they can always deliver it for you.

Walk In And Get It

And finally, I should mention this last bit because sometimes people wait too long and forget to order ahead of time. By then it is too late to get anything custom or shipped to you for Valentine’s Day. If you wait too long to get a chocolate gift for that special day, you had better go get it yourself. If you don’t and your significant other is expecting a gift, you had better be prepared to suffer the consequences. To avoid this, walk into any gift shop or supermarket and pick up something chocolaty.