Who Is Coffee For Less?

You can find some pretty good coffees in a lot of offices and restaurants these days. Your options of flavors have definitely greatly improved from the days where you could only get a cup of black dry roast or instant coffee. With the growing market for gourmet coffees, there are a lot of distributors and providers. One of them is the company Coffee For Less.

Coffee For Less is one of the largest providers on the internet of coffees specifically for offices and restaurants. Coffee For Less is the website name for Coffee Serv Inc. They are based out of Philadelphia and are one of the largest coffee providers in Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley, and the surrounding areas. The company got its start as a family-owned business and has been in operation for the past 25 years. They carry a wide range of different brands of coffees and other products. You can order any of these products directly from their website or over the phone. Their website allows you to check the status of your order and they offer free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Coffee For Less Coffees & Teas

Coffee For Less carries many well-known brands of coffees. You can get either ground coffee or, if you prefer to do your own grinding, you can get whole coffee beans. The website has many well-known brands such as Starbucks, Barrie House, Millstone, Green Mountain, Bucks County, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and New York. Some of these brands only come in one form or the other, either ground or whole bean. But there are a lot of flavors to choose from. There seems to be more available flavors in the ground coffees, however. This is probably better for offices and restaurants who don’t always have time to grind their own. You can get any of these coffees in any amount from a few ounces to a couple of pounds.


Besides bags of ground coffee or coffee beans, Coffee For Less has several flavors in the popular coffee pods and Keurig K-cups. These are ready-to-heat cups of coffee that are perfect for the office or anyone on the go.

Besides coffee, Coffee For Less has several types of tea that you can order. They offer some consumer favorites such as green tea, herbal tea, black tea, chamomile, and chai tea. Coffee For Less even carries several well-known brands of tea. Their site offers Tazo, Lipton, Bigelow, Tetley, Celestial Seasonings, and Ashby’s. If hot tea is not your thing, they also have the bottle tea Honest Tea.

Do They Offer Equipment

Coffee For Less not only carries coffee, they carry ways to brew it. You can find an assortment of quality coffee machines such as Aquabrew, Bunn, Newco, Nescafe, Grindmaster, Cuisinart, and Keurig. Also, with each brand, there are several different types of machines that you can get, depending on your needs.

A good coffee machine, no matter what brand, can’t do everything. When you want to specialize, you need an espresso machine and Coffee For Less has these, as well. Some of their available brands are Saeco, Briel, and Lavazza.

Coffee For Less Drinks

The Coffee For Less website is not limited to just coffees and teas. They do have other drinks that fit in with the dynamics of coffee consumers. For one thing, they also carry hot chocolate products. They have mixes and gourmet hot chocolate from some brands such as Carnation, Land of Lakes, and Swiss Miss.

Energy drinks are a popular alternative to coffee these days so it is natural that Cofee For Less would carry a few of these products. You can get a case of Red Bull energy drinks in either the regular flavor or the sugar-free label. Besides Red Bull, Coffee For Less also has Jump energy drink in several flavors.

Coffee For Less also carries other beverages such as bottled water, cold drinks like Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and lemonade.  They can even provide water coolers which are suitable for offices.

Coffee For Less Products

There are other Coffee For Less products which naturally go along with coffee and should even be required in some cases. At the website, you can purchase many different coffee creamers, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and different flavors of coffee syrup.  Plus, you can order paper and plastic products such as plates, utensils, cups, and bowls. If you are stocking for an office or restaurant, you will definitely need these products to compliment any coffees that you purchase.