How to Check Lottery Numbers

Tips for Checking Lottery Results

Learn how to check lottery numbers in a variety of different ways, so you don’t ever have that dread feeling that you might have won the lottery, but forgot to check your ticket.

Wait long enough to confirm what the latest drawing was and you’ll eventually lose your lottery ticket, so check the results of the local Lotto drawings soon, then get rid of your losing tickets.

You can check your lottery winnings through watching the television broadcast, checking the official lottery websites, through online lotto sites which post all the results nationwide, or through any number of publications. You can even get the number of the lottery organization and make a phone call (though I would not suggest that method, of course).

How to Check Lottery Numbers Online

Find your state lottery’s website and use it as your resource for online lottery information. The lottery ticket you bought should have provide you with all the information you need. There’s usually going to be a web address for the official website of the lotto game. At the very least, you should be able to get the official name of the lottery organizers, so you should be able to Google that name and find the site you’re looking for.

Once you find the online lottery website you need, match your ticket to the name of the game or games you played. Find the results, which should be posted within minutes or hours of the drawing. You can use this same web page to check results for previous drawings in the same game category. These are usually posted for all games that year, if not for all raffles for that game type.

While you’re on the lottery website, you should be able to learn all kinds of interesting information about upcoming lottery games through this same outfit. Learn about the posted names of recent lottery winners, special lottery events in the coming weeks and months, and new lottery games you can look forward to.

Lottery Results Online

You can also go to a lottery website which tracks all the lottery games played throughout the world, such as “The Lotter“. While these results may not be comprehensive, given the popularity of lotteries on virtually every continent, you should be able to find all lottery information you are likely to want – especially if you live in the “western nations”.

For example, if you want to learn about U.S. lottery games recently, all you do is point and click on “North America”. This should provide you with a list of all lottery jurisdictions, either by state (or country) or lottery game, making it easy to search for what you’re looking for. You can also search by continent or country. Going to a site like this gives you an overview of all the global lottery games. Even if it’s not legal to play in many of these lotteries (outside your native country, that is), you can still see how the rest of the country plays the lottery, and what the jackpot amounts are.

USA Today – Checking Lottery Results

The USA Today has a nice Internet coverage of the nationwide lottery games. When you go to the USA Today Lottery Page, you can learn about the lottery results in places across the country (or world), such as the Florida Lootery, Hoosier Lottery, or SuperLotto Plus in California. You can also find out about multi-state lotteries like Powerful and Megamillions, as well as multi-country games like the Euro Millions.

For U.S. and Canadian lottery results, there’s a handy interactive map you can use to locate the lottery game results and jackpots in your local state, or the next state over. Just click on your state to get the results you’re searching for.

Multi-State Lottery Sites

If you’re playing in one of the big multi-state lottery games like Megamillions or Powerball, you can go to any one of 40 different state lottery websites to find the results of your contest. As of 2010, 40 different U.S. states participate in the Megamillions Lottery, so you can find the results on 80% of the state lottery sites.

You’ll notice that people can also find the Powerball results on the New Jersey website. I chose the New Jersey lotto web address not because it’s special in any way, but because it’s your standard state lottery assortment. You can find pretty much the same information on most other official state lottery websites, at least for the big multi-state drawings.

Another idea if you can’t find the web information you’re searching for is to navigate to one of these sites, find their “links” page, and see what they link to. Often, the state lottery websites link to many other lottery sites, which is a good sign those are legitimate information or game outfits.

Along the same lines, you can go to the official Megamillions site or the official Powerball site for similar data. Both are likely to have information specific to their games, but also lottery news from other lotto games around the world.

How Not to Check Lottery Numbers

Avoid certain websites when checking your lottery numbers, though. Some lottery information sites are just preposterous in their information. Take “Lottery Forecasts”, which presumes to make predictions about lottery results and upcoming trends in the lottery games. They offer articles like “Winning Lottery Strategy & Techniques”, “5 Tips to Win More at Any Lottery”, and “Do Rich People Play the Lottery?” (they say “yes”).

All of these are there to convince you to spend more money on lottery games, presumably through links on their website. The last thing you need is someone insulting your intelligence by claiming to have found a method to win the lottery. If they could do that, the last thing they would be doing is sharing that information online, so lottery officials could close those loopholes. Why would they be wasting their time giving away that information, instead of entering every lottery possible, and eventually retiring to their own personal island in the tropics?

Just a word of warning about what to avoid in the online lottery industry.

Checking Lottery Numbers

There are plenty of ways to check the lottery results. Most lotteries have a live broadcast you can watch. The aforementioned official websites usually post videos of these drawings. Also, newspapers in the local areas tend to post lottery results the next day in the paper, much like what the USA Today does nationally, but only for a limited area. There are so many ways to check lottery numbers that you should never go long without having the answers to your lottery questions.