What Are Megamillions Numbers?

What Are Mega Millions Numbers?

Megamillions numbers are the six numbers drawn every Tuesday and Friday in the Mega Millions lottery. The first five numbers are drawn from a set of lottery balls numbered 1 through 56, while the sixth ball is drawn from a set of balls numbers 1 through 46. Match your numbers with the drawn lottery numbers and you win the lottery.

How Megamillions Is Played

The Megamillions Lottery is played for $1. Players in certain states have the option to buy a 4x multiplier for the price of $1 more. Other states never allowed the megaplier option.

People across the nation buy their tickets at Megamillions Lottery terminals, often in convenience stores and other selected locations in the participating states. Players pay their money and get a ticket receipt with their numbers on the ticket. When the drawings are held, people can watch the drawing and compare their numbers with that week’s (and night’s) winning numbers. If you get a certain winning combination, you win the lottery and collect your winnings. If all 6 numbers match, you win the big Megamillions jackpot.
Megamillion numbers

Megamillions Jackpot Drawing

Every week on Tuesday night at 11 pm Eastern Standard Time and Friday night at 11 pm ESt. The drawing is held at the WSB-TV studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally (and strangely), WSB’s weatherman, Glenn Burns, hosted the drawings. These days, the bi-weekly drawings are hosted by John Crow or Courtney Cason (less frequently). When a jackpot exceeds $200 million, the Megamillions drawing is held at New York City’s Times Square.

Winning Prizes In Mega Millions Lotteries

Here’s what the payouts are for matching numbers in the Megamillions Lottery. The more numbers you match, the bigger the payout. If you want to win the Megamillions Jackpot, every number has to match perfectly. The yellow Megamillions ball is worth more than the others, though you can still win big money without a matching yellow number.

  • $250,000 – 5 Matching White Numbers and 0 Matching Yellow Number
  • $10,000 – 4 Matching White Numbers and 1 Matching Yellow Number
  • $150 – 4 Matching White Numbers and 0 Matching Yellow Number
  • $150 – 3 Matching White Numbers and 1 Matching Yellow Number
  • $10 – 2 Matching White Numbers and 1 Matching Yellow Number
  • $7 – 3 Matching White Numbers
  • $3 – 1 Matching White Number and 1 Matching Yellow Number
  • $2 – Matching Yellow Number

Cross-Selling Expansion – Mega Millions and Powerball

The Mega Millions Consortium came to a cross-selling arrangement with the Multi-State Lottery Association, also known as the MUSL, to cross-sell Megamillions and Powerfull in many US jurisdictions. Twenty-three different Powerball states (listed below) started selling Mega Millions tickets in January of 2010. It’s quite possible that this is a temporary arrangement, with the expansion eventually leading to the merger of the two games into one single lottery.

Mega Millions States as of January 31, 2010

A whole host of states only joined the Megamillions network in early 2010, so many lottery players may not be aware that their local state supports Mega Millions lotteries. Here’s the list of the latest Megamillions lottery states.

  • Arkansas Megamillions
  • Connecticut Megamillions
  • Delaware Megamillions
  • District of Columbia Mega Millions
  • Idaho Megamillions
  • Indiana Megamillions
  • Iowa Megamillions
  • Kansas Megamillions
  • Kentucky Megamillions
  • Minnesota Megamillions
  • Missouri Megamillions
  • New Hampshire Megamillions
  • New Mexico Megamillions
  • North Carolina Megamillions
  • North Dakota Megamillions
  • Pennsylvania Megamillions
  • Rhode Island Megamillions
  • South Carolina Megamillions
  • Tennessee Megamillions
  • Vermont Megamillions
  • West Virginia Megamillions
  • Wisconsin Megamillions

Megamillions Consortium States before 2010

The Mega Millions Consortium started their lottery as far back as 1996, though. Back in 1996, U.S. states began to offer the Mega Millions jackpots for lottery players. Here is a list of the first states to offer Megamillions payouts, along with the year each state started playing Megamillions.

  • Georgia Megamillions (1996)
  • Illinois Megamillions (1996)
  • Maryland Megamillions (1996)
  • Massachusetts Megamillions (1996)
  • Michigan Megamillions (1996)
  • Virginia Megamillions (1996)
  • New Jersey Megamillions (1999)
  • New York Megamillions (2002)
  • Ohio Megamillions (2002)
  • Washington Megamillions (2002)
  • Texas Megamillions (2003)
  • California Megamillions (2005)

Mega Millions States – 2010 Megamillions States

After the big wave of states that joined the Megamillions Lottery in January happened, seven other U.S. states came aboard later in the year. The latest additions bring the total of Mega Millions states to 40, along with Washington D.C.

  • Montana Megamillions (March 1, 2010)
  • Nebraska Megamillions (March 20, 2010)
  • Oregon Megamillions (March 28, 2010)
  • Arizona Megamillions (April 18, 2010)
  • Maine Megamillions (May 9, 2010)
  • Colorado Megamillions (May 16, 2010)
  • South Dakota Megamillions (May 16, 2010)

Megamillions Lottery

The Megamillions lottery changes its game all the time, to keep the game fresh and to give the Megamillions Consortium new opportunties to promote their game. Lottery tickets might look differently and the prize amounts fluctuate, but the Megamillions Lottery operates on the same principle it has since 1996 – get six winning numbers and you get rich.