What Is Wii Fit?

What Is Wii Fit?

Wii Fit is a video game designed by the Nintendo company for their Nintendo Wii video game console. Wii Fit is a fitness game, designed to lead players through an exercise program. The Wii Fit has been a tremendous success, selling the third-most copies of any console game in video game history (22.6 million and counting).

How Does Wii Fit Work?

Playing the Wii Fit game requires use fo the Wii Balance Board, a specially designed “platform peripheral”. The Wii Balance Board looks quite similar to a step-up body scale people use to measure themselves in their household. The device has a basic white top and a light gray base.

Wii Balance Board

What Is Wii Fit?

When you play Wii Fit, you stand on the Wii Balance Board, which is outfitted with electronic sensors to record and chart your progress through the game. The board has about 60 hours of battery power, and it is thought to measure a person’s weight and center of balance more accurately than your average bathroom scale.

Though the Wii Balance Board is considered a top of the line, revolutionary video game peripheral device, the design is actually quite similar to the 1982 Atari Joyboard. Of course, the Nintendo Wii Balance Board is a great deal more advanced. The designers claim their device is based on the double scales that sumo wrestlers use to weigh themselves.

Does Wii Fit Simulate Exercise?

Wii Fit induces the player to get exercise in a number of different ways, involving both strength training and cardiovascular training. In fact, national health club chains have even bought Wii Fit devices to place in their gyms, while nursing homes have bought Wii consoles and the Wii Fit video game to help nursing home patients achieve better posture.

Wii Fit game play features mini-games involving aerobics, yoga, strength training, and balance contests. As the name implies, Wii Fit is meant to convince people to get a little exercise while they’re gaming. The main designer’s stated goal is to get the entire family to exercise together, though I’m not so sure the Wii Fit’s popularity has translated into family fitness games. As a single-person fitness game, the Wii Fit has had startling success.

While the Wii Fit has gotten gentle criticism from some fitness experts for the lightness of their exercise programs, the game has gotten generally positive reviews from most people–inside or outside the fitness world.

Wii Fitness – The Nintendo Video Game

Nintendo designed the Nintendo Wii to be inexpensive and to encourage people to become more active when playing video games. I know video game enthusiasts who have no desire to combine their video game sessions with gym sessions, the concept has been hugely popular with a large part of the video game community. Wii Fit is the current apex of electronic fitness gaming.

What Is Wii Fit Plus?

Wii Fit Plus is an enhanced version of the original Wii Fit, featuring all the original fitness games, as well as fifteen new areobics and balance games, 6 new yoga and strength training exercise games, the option to custom-build fitness regimens, the ability to register your babies (and pets) fitness profiles, and to keep track of calories burned with their own on-board calorie counter.

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