Where Can I Play Free Card Games Online?

Free card games online are easy to find. But depending on what kind of card game you want to play, some choices are better than others. I love to play card games, and I have ever since I was a kid. My mom taught us to play all kinds of games, including card games like solitaire, spades, and blackjack. I prefer to play with other people over drinks so that we can socialize face-to-face while we play. But I enjoy playing some card games on the Internet too. Here are some of my favorite places at which to play, organized by the type of card game.

Where to Play Dominion Online

Right now, my personal favorite card game to play is Dominion. It’s a deck-building game, like Magic the Gathering, only it’s not a collectible card game. It’s fun to play in person, but you can play Dominion online at BrettSpielWelt, which is a German boardgame site.  They offer several other card games AND board games too, like Carcassone, Puerto Rico, and Pandemic.

Where to Play Magic the Gathering Online

Free Online Card Games

I played literally dozens of games of Magic the Gathering online before I got frustrated and gave up. I lost EVERY game I played. My win percentage at Dominion is close to 40%, which means that I’m not a complete dolt, but for some reason, I just don’t “get” Magic the Gathering. But anyway, it’s available to play online here: Magic Online.

Where to Play Poker Online

Until a few weeks ago, there were a lot of places where you could play poker online for real money–sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker. But they got in trouble for accepting real money players from the United States, and now, USA based players can’t play there. (Actually, I think they can still play there. They just can’t play in the real money games there.

My suggestion for free poker games online is a new site, Zodiac Holdem. You don’t have to download any software in order to play there, and the games are straightforward limit holdem games. It’s a multiplayer poker site, too, so you ARE playing poker with other people. You’re just not playing for real money.

Where to Play Spades Online

Spades is probably my favorite card game. I used to play two player Spades with my mom for countless hours when I was growing up. And when I went to college, we played Spades constantly in the lobbies of the dorms. (In fact, I even met one of my best-looking girlfriends playing Spades with her in the lobby of one particular dorm. It didn’t last long, but I hope she still thinks of me occasionally when the topic of card games comes up.)

My favorite place to play Spades online is at Pogo. World Winner offers a Spades variation too, but it doesn’t play like a regular game of Spades at all. It’s still plenty of fun though. I haven’t played there in a long time, but if you do like playing games with a cash element, World Winner’s Spades game is worth trying.

Where to Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack has the same problem that poker has–the legality of playing it for real money on the Internet is questionable. That being said, no one has ever been convicted (or even prosecuted) for playing blackjack on the Internet. We don’t recommend real money gambling sites on AskDeb, but if you just want to play for fun, there are plenty of play money blackjack options online.

Catch 21 from World Winner isn’t exactly a blackjack game, but you are trying to catch cards and wind up with a total of 21. It’s more of a solitaire type game than anything else. But it’s loads of fun.

Hit or Stand is probably the most famous free blackjack site on the Internet. Their game isn’t just a game to play though; it’s also a basic strategy trainer. In blackjack, if you play with the correct strategy, the house edge is much lower than if you just play by the seat of your pants. The house edge at blackjack is only about 0.5% if you’re using perfect basic strategy when you play, compared to a house edge of 2% to 4% if you have no clue about correct strategy.

Where to Play Solitaire Online

I played a LOT of solitaire as a kid, but I don’t know how to play most of the more popular online solitaire games that are now available. The solitaire game I grew up playing was Klondike, and before the Internet, I didn’t even know that there WERE other kinds of solitaire games to play. Most computers come with a basic solitaire game available, so you don’t even need the Internet to play solitaire. But if you DO want to try some of the online versions of solitaire available, then the best solitaire site on the Internet is World of Solitaire. The site offers over 50 different varieties of solitaire to choose from, all of which load fast and look great. I don’t know why you’d ever need another solitaire site.

Where to Play Rummy Online

I played a little rummy growing up, but I never really got into the whole “online rummy” thing. For a while, webmasters and affiliates were hoping that rummy would be the next poker, but I don’t think it’s ever going to catch on in the same way that poker has. Rummy’s just not as much fun, and the money’s not there. Rummy Royal is my pick for the best online version of rummy available.

Other Games You Can Play Online

I’m also a big fan of playing boardgames online when I can. My favorite is Scrabble at Facebook. Pogo offers a variety of boardgames you can play on the Internet. Traditional board games like chess, checkers, backgammon, and go are available at all kinds of sites. Since there’s no trademark claim on those older traditional boardgames, any developer can create his own version of a game like that and put it on the Internet for people to play.

Playing games online is fun, even if you’re an old guy like me who likes playing traditional board games and card games. (The younger generation seems to like all of these MMORPGs and video games.) So have fun and play what you want.