Garden Questions & Answers

To many people, watching a garden grow offers the same kind of satisfaction and excitement as watching kids grow up. Gardening takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. The following garden questions and answers aim to make your gardening experience easier and more satisfying.

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Garden Tips

The goal of our garden tips is to help you develop your green thumb. These entries come from real people who have questions about their own garden. Tips about gardening are updated frequently so we recommend that you check back often.

What are Solar Garden Lights?

Garden lights are considered the most common form of solar lighting in American homes. Operating garden lights by the use of solar powered technology just makes sense — the size of solar panel required to power a few garden lights is small enough to be sensible.

How Do I Trim a Bonsai Tree?

Bonsai Trees, being delicate trees require vision, inspiration, and creativity to trim. And with the proper techniques, trimming your Bonsai tree can be very easy, relaxing, and rewarding.

How do I Choose Flowers for a Flower Garden?


When it comes to choosing flowers for a flower garden you have several hundred choices. In fact it can almost seem impossible to make a decision.

How do You Start a Vegetable Garden?

For many people starting their own vegetable garden is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment. So many people nowadays go to the store to buy all their produce it really is a shame that many do not take advantage of the ground around them.

How Do You Become a Professional Landscaper?

To do be able to survive in the world today, it is crucial to be at the top of your game. To become a professional landscaper it really is no different.

How Do You Install Garden Drip Irrigation?

For many garden enthusiasts watering your garden everyday can take a lot of time. Depending on the size you very well could spend an hour or more watering. Lucky for you there is a solution.

How to Grow Big Tomatoes?

If you want to grow a tomato as big as the one recorded in the Guinness World Records, which is at a hefty 7lbs 12oz, you have to treat growing tomatoes as you would growing a small child.

How Do I Make My Lawn Green?

Haven’t you ever wondered how your neighbor’s lawn looks so much greener than yours? No matter how much you try, the grass in your yard just doesn’t look the same. The truth is there are a lot of different factors that go into having a green lawn.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks To A Synthetic Lawn?

The struggle to keep a good looking and healthy lawn can be exhausting. It requires a lot of watering, pesticides, weed killer, and fertilizer to keep it in shape. The amount of time it takes can be pretty extensive and not everyone has a lot of free time to devote to lawn care.

What Is Lawn Renovation?

Let’s say that you have tried everything to have a better lawn but nothing has worked. It may be due to a drought or pets or extensive shaded areas that just don’t let in enough sun. No matter what the reason, your lawn may look yellow or even brown in some places.

How Do You Grow Hawaiian Flowers?

For anyone who has ever been to Hawaii, you know how beautiful it is over there. The plants are lush and green with vibrant colors that are rarely seen stateside. These exotic plants just seem to grow naturally with no help at all.

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

Keeping your lawn looking healthy and green is a constant job. It takes a lot of dedication. A healthy lawn needs nutrients and the necessary minerals which may not be naturally provided by nature.

Who Is Scott’s Lawn Service?

Maintaining a lush green yard is hard work and you really need to know what you are doing for it to be effective. There is watering, fertilizing, mowing and trimming, and weed control.

How Do You Build A Garden Fountain?

Garden fountains can add a nice tranquil feature to any garden. They have been popular for centuries in several different cultures. AT one time the only way to have a garden fountain was to invest in some serious cash to buy one but these days it is a lot easier and much cheaper.

How Do You Choose Garden Lighting?

Let’s say you have just spent a load of cash, time, and resources into designing the perfect garden. You have it landscaped, there is a fountain, pathways, and all the accessories.

What Should You Plant In A Winter Garden?

Normally when you see a garden in the winter, it is a dormant husk waiting to be rejuvenated by spring rains. But that does not have to be the case. Gardens are not necessarily restricted to just the spring and summer months.

How Do You Compost?

Until I got into gardening, I always thought a compost pile was just a big mess. I’ve known people who threw everything organic into their compost pile and they never really used it.

I was told that ashes around the plants will discourage slugs, What kind of ashes?

Apparently wood ashes keep the slugs away. Diatomaceous earth is very good for this purpose too.

We have impatiens in our garden and would like to know if they are acid loving plants?

Impatiens like a soil that has a neutral pH. They do best in partial shade. Let the soil dry out just a bit between waterings to encourage compact growth and profuse flowering.

How do you move a hydrangea bush? When is best time to move it (spring or fall)?

The best time to transplant your hydrangeas is in the fall or early spring. Take care to remove as much of your hydrangea’s root ball as possible, and water it into its new site with an organic fertilizer containing seaweed. Hydrangeas do best with some protection from the hot afternoon sunshine — so keep that in mind when picking out the new location for your hydrangeas.

What can we do to encourage decomposition of pine needles?

Pine needles breakdown very slowly. Pine needles, in general, have a high acid content — which is great for acid loving plants. You could mix some extra lime to compensate for that. Next year … try composting the pine needles separately. Pine needles will break down a little quicker if exposed to the elements, so you may want to pile them up at the base of acid loving shrubs and let the rain, sun and snow help them along.

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