How do I Choose Flowers for a Flower Garden?

When it comes to choosing flowers for a flower garden you have several hundred choices. In fact it can almost seem impossible to make a decision. But there is a few things you will want to consider when choosing the flowers for your garden. You may want to consider color, flowers height and size, location of the flowers, or whether or not you want to plant after every season. These are the most important factors that we believe should be considered before planting. Climate is typically important as well, but you will have to ask you local nursery which flowers thrive in your area.

Flowers normally fall under 2 categories, either perennials or annuals. Perennials are flowers that normally bloom on their own each year and normally require less maintenance then annuals. Gardeners love perennials because of it’s versatility and wide assortment of flowers. Annuals are flowers that do complete their life cycle in a matter of one season. They also require a little bit more care than perennials. Annuals are typically very bright in color and can be a great addition to your garden.

Since it is very difficult to pinpoint any one persons favorite flowers, here is a list of flowers below from both annuals and perennials along with height expectation and sun requirements.

Annuals Garden Flowers

First we’ll start off with the Annuals garden flowers.


Scientific Name: Cosmos Bipinnatus

Height: 12″-36″

Spacing: 24″

Colors: Pink, Red, White, or Bicolor

Sun Exposure Needed: Full Sun



Scientific Name: Pelargonium x hortorum

Height: 12″-18″

Spacing: 18″

Colors: White, Red, Pink, Rose, Orange, Salmon, Bicolor

Sun Exposure Needed: Full Sun


Scientific Name: Petunia x hybrida

Height: 8″-15″

Spacing: 12″

Colors: Numerous

Sun Exposure Needed: Full Sun


Perennials Garden Flowers

Here are some garden flowers known as Perennials

Alma Potschke or New England Aster

Scientific Name: Aster-novae-angliae

Height: 36″

Spacing: 30″

Colors: Magenta Pink

Sun Exposure Needed: Full Needed


Golden Spiderwort

Scientific Name: Tradescantia “sweet kate”

Height: 12″

Spacing: 12″

Color: Rich purple blue

Sun Exposure Needed: Part/Full Sun


Sweet Dreams Tickseed

Scientific Name: Coreopsis Rosea “Sweet Dreams:

Height: 18-24″

Spacing: 18″

Colors: Raspberry and White

Sun Exposure Needed: Full Sun


These are just many of the hundreds of flowers available. What your choices will be will ultimately vary on the space you have in your garden and what you want your garden to look like overall. You will want to make sure to weed regularly and water regularly as well. It is recommended that you water deep and infrequent as opposed to light water and more frequent. It is also important that you follow the instructions and place flowers strategically to be sure they receive the right amount of sun.

Whichever flowers you choose, you can be sure you will enjoy them for a long time. Many people enjoy gardening and use it as a hobby to get away from it all as it can be peaceful and relaxing. Not to mention the joy you get from having a yard full of beautiful flowers.