How Do You Become a Professional Landscaper?

To do be able to survive in the world today, it is crucial to be at the top of your game. To become a professional landscaper it really is no different. You have to want to be better and your goal should really be to shoot to the top. Especially now in today’s economy, it is dog eat dog and if you can not compete for whatever reason, you are better off saving your money and going home. What I would like to outline here is a few steps to get you started in becoming a landscaper and a few steps to become your own boss and start your own business.

How to Become a Landscaper

Most people like myself are going to learn landscaping by a hands on approach. Meaning, I am not going to go to school to learn this trade. And why not? Simply because this is one of those instances where you are better off doing it hands on as you will actually get a feel and true understanding of what you are doing. So if you have a passion to become a landscaper then I would suggest applying for a job as a laborer for a landscaping company. You will do everything from mowing lawns, to hedging grass, and pruning trees. In a week or less, you will have learned the basics of landscaping.

Now, this is not to say that you should not got to school and learn landscaping or horticulture. But if you plan on going to school be prepared to learn only the design aspect of the landscaping business. You will learn how to design a yard, what flowers to choose, and just the overall layout. You will not get hands on experience unless you attend a program specifically for that. So in the grand scheme of things, you are better off jumping in with both feet and getting your hands dirty.

Start a Landscaping Business


Many opinions will be different as to how much experience is necessary to start your own business. I am a motivated individual myself and feel that if you want something you need to go learn it and take it. With landscaping you can do this easily by mowing a few lawns and trimming some bushes for free for your neighbors. You will actually learn for free, know how to use the tools, and you already have started gaining customers or referrals from this. It is an absolute win-win.

However, if you feel the need to have some landscaping experience first then work for a company for a year or so until you are ready. Make sure you have money set aside for 3-6 months worth of bills to make sure you will be financially set. One of the hardest parts you will find about running a business is just getting started. If you are fair, honest, and do your best work, you are sure to stay busy.

A few things to keep in mind though. You will need to make sure you are licensed with your state as a business. Anybody making over a set amount per year is required to pay taxes. Each state is different, but you will more than likely need a contractors license, bond, and insurance. This is to protect you and the homeowner both in case of damage to the home or a non payment issue. If you plan on having employees, you will need to make sure the proper paperwork is done as well as insurance for them. Above all, you can not have a landscaping business without a trailer, tools, and a truck/SUV, so that would be a priority. And one last thing:


To become a professional landscaper or a professional in any field for that matter you really only need a couple things: motivation, a desire to succeed, and some planning. Depending on your circumstances, if you follow a few of our tips above there is no reason why you can not start to learn how to landscape now.