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answers-questions-onlineAskDeb has been online since 1999. In that period of time, We’ve learned that people need answers, and they want a website where they can find answers to questions online quickly and easily. This page features answers to questions which we’ve received multiple times through the years. These are the questions which people seem to need answers to more than others. Please visit our forum to provide us with feedback on any of these articles, and don’t forget to click on the newsletter link in the top menu to receive updates to this page as we find answers to more questions.

Please don’t feel limited by the sections we’ve listed here. If you have a question that falls outside relationships topic please ask us at questions [at] and we will do our best to get it answered.

Answers to Who Questions

The most popular “who” question that gets asked at is “Who
Sang that Song?
” But we have several other articles covering “who”
topics besides that:

We also answer questions about who invented certain things:

We’ve even answered questions about literature and religion, like
this article about Who
Are the Greek Gods?

Answers to What Questions

We also answers questions that start with the phrase “what is” on a
pretty consistent basis. Some of the most popular of these questions

A popular subcategory of these “what is” questions has to do with
average test scores:

Answers to Where Questions

Want to know where something is, where something can be found, or
where to get something? Chances are we’ve covered the question below:

Answers to When Questions

We don’t see as many questions about when things happen, but we do
have a few pages with “when” questions:

Answers to Why Questions

People always want to know “why.” For these people, we offer the
following answers and reasons:

Remember that you’re always welcome to contact us with your own questions
to answer.