Question about Abortion Complications

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This is Anusha. I had a question regarding my sexual life with my husband. We got recently married and within one month I became pregnant. So I had an abortion on September 2nd, ’09. I just want to know whether there would be any complications if I concieve? Please advise me. And I want to know how will they count the fertility dates from the time periods starts?

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Generally speaking, having an abortion does not affect your future fertility. If your abortion has no complications, you should remain as fertile as you were before the abortion. This is especially true if you had a medical abortion (medicine/pills) instead of a surgical abortion. Even with a surgical abortion, you aren’t likely to

You begin to ovulate as soon as 2 weeks after an abortion and become fertile within 4 to 6 weeks. Your body will probably show signs of pregnancy for up to a week after abortion. Do not have sexual intercourse for at least 2 weeks after you have an abortion. Use birth control methods to prevent another pregnancy, because your body doesn’t need to go through the ordeal of another abortion anytime soon (if you had a surgical abortion as opposed to medical abortion). Remember that birth control pills don’t begin to work for a month, so there is a period of time in there you might get pregnant if you use no form of prophylaxis.

Discuss with your family doctor or local family planning center specific questions. Don’t be shy about asking questions from the medical experts in your life.

Good luck having children eventually, Anusha.

John Clifton