How Do I Choose The Right Doctor For My Surgery?

When you are preparing for surgery, you want to be certain about who the right doctor for you is. “Certain” may be a strong word, because when you go under the surgeon’s knife, you’ll never settle on a perfect surgeon. But you want the person who is best suited to performing surgery on you. This includes a combination of experience, skill, facilities and specialties. You don’t necessarily want to choose the nice guy; you want to choose the right doctor to perform your surgery.

Tips For Choosing A Doctor

Here are some tips for choosing a doctor and things to keep in mind when you finally choose the doctor for your surgery. Don’t let any one of these dictate your decision, but let a combination of these considerations help you decide who the right doctor for your surgery really is.

  • Get Comfortable With the Doctor – Find a surgeon you are comfortable with. When it comes to having surgery, you have to ask yourself, “Am I comfortable having this person cut on me.”
  • Don’t think I’m suggesting that you select a doctor with a good bedside manner. Sometimes, you might feel more comfortable with a jerk as a surgeon. In the end, you need the best surgeon, not the best buddy. You need to trust this doctor, and a lot of that trust comes from how they answer your questions.
  • Get Your Questions Answered – I personally don’t trust a doctor who won’t answer my questions, or who can’t seem to answer my questions. To establish trust, you need to have an open dialogue about what is wrong with your body and how the doctor can fix what is wrong with your body. That’s the bottom line and I wouldn’t settle on a doctor who can’t or won’t tell me how a surgery is going to solve my medical problems.
  • Ask The Tough Questions – Remember, it’s your body and you only have one of them. So when you are about to have surgery, do not be afraid to ask the tough questions. Your doctor owes it to you to answer those questions, because ultimately you are the one who is going on the table – not your doctor. So ask the questions you feel you need to know and demand that those questions be answered.
  • choose-doctor-surgery
    Practice Makes Perfect
    – Select a surgeon who performs these operations often. Go with the specialist. Any skill gets better with practice and surgery is no different. In fact, surgery is the ultimate example of that idea, because doctors will tell you they learn something new every time they go into a body. When your body presents a special challenge to the physician, you want the doctor who is more likely to have seen your particular challenge. So go with the doctor who has experience.
  • Research Your Options – Learn what you can about the surgeons you are considering. Talk to other people who have used these surgeons by asking around town. You’ll eventually find people who have used the doctor. If you prefer (or if you want more information), go online and Google your doctor’s name and see what former patients may have written about the doctor. You might also see any problems that might pop up in news stories or lawsuits. What you learn online will put in perspective all the questions you’ve asked and the doctor’s overall personality.
  • Consider Proximity – If there’s one qualified doctor to perform your surgery and he’s on the other side of the country, by all means fly out of your region to have him perform that surgery. Most of the time, there will be perfectly qualified doctors in your area. If it comes down to two doctors of the same approximate skill and experience, go with the qualified local surgeon. When you remain in your area, you’ll be able to consult with your doctor better on your ongoing rehabilitation.

How Do I Choose The Right Doctor For My Surgery

When you choose a doctor for your upcoming surgery, it probably won’t be a comfortable or pleasant decision. A lot of emotions are swirling around in a person’s head when they contemplate surgery, so it’s hard to think clearly when considering a surgical doctor. So keep in mind this surgery guide for choosing a doctor and eventually settle on the surgeon you think is the absolutely best option for your surgery.