How Does The Zone Diet Work?

The Zone Diet tries to regulate the proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you take into your body. In turn, this balances the amount of hormones like insulin and glucogan in your bloodstream. When these hormones are in balance, the body releases an anti-inflammatory which is healthy for your heart and your body in general. Specifically, the balance between carbs and proteins is called “the Zone”, and this is the mechanism which drives weight loss, muscle mass gain and overall good health in the Zone Diet.

Those using the Zone Diet pay close attention to the ratio of carbs, proteins and fats in their diet. Unlike the Atkins Diet or the first phase of the South Beach Diet, you do not entirely eliminate carbs from your daily caloric intake. Instead, you lower your carb intake, while increasing your intake of proteins. When the two food types achieve a balance (40:30 ratio of carbohydrates to protein), then your body is in the Zone and you achieve peak weight loss potential.

Regulating Your Carbs and Proteins With The Zone Diet

Carbs are reduced, but not eliminated. Most low-carb diets try to eliminate the carbs intake, because carbs signal the body to store fat. Some low-carb diets suggests you should eliminate some carbs and replace them with other carbohydrates, because some release their sugars in a more even, healthier manner. Both concepts have to do with regulating the flow of the hormone, insulin, into your bloodstream, because insulin tells your body cells to absorb sugar.


The Zone Diet wants you to lower carbs, because it also wants to regulate insulin production in your pancreas. But the Zone Diet suggests you want to achieve a balanced insulin rate, neither high nor too low. If you combine this with a reduced glucogan rate, you will encourage the release of hormones called eicosanoids. Eicosanoids work against inflammation of your body much the way aspirin does, without the negative side effects of aspirin. When your body is releasing Eicosanoids, your body is at its peak of weight loss potential.

Therefore, regulating your carbs and proteins with the Zone Diet is the goal — not eliminating one of the other. The Zone Diet calls for a more balanced diet. At the same time, the Zone Diet does call for the rapid weight loss of the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet, which are generally thought to be unhealthy practices by most doctors.

How Does the Zone Diet Work with Hormones Balance?

Many doctors are critical of the Zone Diet, because they do not believe hormone balance and the release of eicosanoids are achieved through the Zone. These experts suggests that Barry Sears, inventor of the Zone Diet, fudges on his scientific data to support his thesis. Furthermore, doctors are not certain if eicosanoids aid in weight loss.

At the same time, some experts prefer the Zone Diet to other fad diets, like the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet and LA Weight Loss. Though they do not believe in the hormone balance theories of Barry Sears, they do believe in a balanced diet. While some remain critical of the high amounts of protein eaten in the Zone Diet, they would prefer that to the high amounts of saturated fats eaten by users of the Atkins Diet.

It should be noted that Barry Sears is generally given credit for introducing the Omega 3 fish oils into peoples’ diets. This is one of the means Barry Sears introduces more protein into the diet.